January 20, 2021

Aragón joins Catalonia and will force to contract the VTC 15 minutes in advance | Economy

Aragón joins Catalonia and will force to contract the VTC 15 minutes in advance | Economy

The Government of Aragon will approve "as soon as possible" an urgent decree to regulate the sector of rental vehicles with driver (VTC) by which companies in the sector that want to operate in the cities of the region will have to request a municipal license and , also, as in Catalonia, hire your services at least 15 minutes in advance. With this regulation, the Aragonese Executive seeks to guarantee the balance of the VTC and the taxi sector, and to avoid the implantation in the Community of platforms such as Uber and Cabify, which can "blow up the market".

The Minister of Vertebration of the Territory, Mobility and Housing of the Government of Aragon, José Luis Soro, has announced this new regulation for the VTC this Wednesday after meeting with the president of the Provincial Association of Autotaxi de Zaragoza, Mariano Morón, and the representative of the traditional VTCs of Zaragoza, Javier San Juan.

Under the new decree, VTCs that want to provide service in the region must obtain a municipal license and, in addition, must contract their services at least 15 minutes in advance. Likewise, they will have to return to their parking lot once they complete the service and have a geolocalizer.

The counselor considers that the "traditional" VTCs, those that make discretionary long-term journeys, have been providing a complementary service for decades and living with taxis. "But the new platforms want to compete with the taxi, which is already a real risk," he said. For this reason, he estimates that the regulations prepared by Aragón are based on a meeting point where everyone can be comfortable.

Regarding the control of the requirements that the regulation will impose, the counselor has pointed to the public registry that the central government will enable so that all the VTC account for all its services.

Taxi satisfaction

The president of the Provincial Autotaxi Association of Zaragoza, Mariano Morón, has expressed his satisfaction with the decree, considering that it will be a guarantee for the sector. "It preserves us from the misuse of Uber and Cabify," he assured at the end of the meeting.

For its part, the representative of the "traditional" VTC of Aragon Javier San Juan has supported the limitations to the VTC to prevent both its sector and the taxi is influenced by the arrival of large platforms.

According to the data provided at the meeting, in the Aragón region there are 35 VTC licenses that are operational, another 165 granted and 80 more pending judicial decisions.


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