June 16, 2021

Aragn and Catalua finalize the signing of the agreement for the 2030 Games – La Provincia

Aragon returns to the charge. He has seen his dream broken on the way to the Olympic flame five times led by Jaca, but he has never accepted his surrender. The candidacy for the 2030 Olympics is already in the oven, after several trialogues have taken place in recent days. These contacts are the prelude to the agreement to be signed in the coming weeks, according to what this newspaper has learned from official sources. The deal is practically closed between the Government of Aragon, the Catalan and the central, who has put a lot of effort into making this joint project go ahead. It remains to decide the exact name, but it will not go far from ‘Pyrenees 2030’.

The president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, spoke first with the presidents of both autonomous communities, Javier Lambán and Quim Torra, to find a common starting point. He found the parties very receptive, so in recent days he has held meetings with the advisers corresponding to the areas of influence in the Olympic project. He only found a demand on the Aragonese side, a condition that was put in from the beginning: absolute equality in the organization of the Olympic Games, either in terms of sports, as for venues … That is, that there is no disproportion, not even in relation to the opening and closing ceremonies.

Zaragoza will have a lot to do with this Barcelona, which obviously will have a relevant role in Olympic development. In principle, the opening and closing acts would be distributed, which are usually carried out in scenarios like the Summer Games. The last, for example, was held at the impressive Pieonchang Olympic Stadium in 2018 in South Korea.

This is where the dream of Zaragoza to reform the old Romareda and build a stadium according to the city and its needs, beyond the situation of its football team, would enter. The coronavirus seems to have almost completely stopped Jorge Azcón’s star project, that he planned to build a modern stadium throughout this term. He planned to make a minimum investment of 70 million euros and crown it with three or four consecutive organizations in the final of the Copa del Rey, which in recent years has fallen into the wasted Seville stadium of La Cartuja.

In the bilateral that was held by the Zaragoza City Council and the Government of Aragon in early March, Lambán spoke of the stadium and stopped the clock in 2030. It was not by chance. That year not only are the Winter Olympics held. There is also a soccer World Cup, with which Spain has been dreaming for years, almost almost since the failed naranjito said goodbye. Four months ago the president said this: “It would be an unforgivable collective failure if Zaragoza does not have a modern stadium” that allows it to host this tournament that, in theory, would be organized between Spain and Portugal. He still said one more thing about the stadium: “It can be an icon, a benchmark as it is in other cities.” Lambán was not allowed to escape the Olympic project that Alejandro Blanco had unveiled shortly before and in which his two capitals must have “a special role”, although that is one of the few sections that is not specified in the agreement that is about to sign and what It would be the starting point in a career that has started with good will on all sides. and in which all the sources consulted speak of a great determination from the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

In any case, it is going to be a matter of adaptation between sports and territories. And you will look at every detail to the penny. That is to say, One does not think about an Olympic Games of pomp and gold, but of an organization adjusted to the moment and the needs in which you can try to take advantage of the present infrastructures. The possibility of not lifting some of the most expensive equipment is being considered, such as the case of trampoline jumps, for which a nearby facility could be used, which has not been specified but could be located outside our borders, in the Alps for example.

The project that is about to be launched is thought to be drawn with an exquisite sensitivity to the environment, so that on the snow you will see the first green Games in history.

In fact, Lambán sees ecological sustainability as one of the main premises. He understands that both the central government, which oversees the project, and the Aragonese have made “the flag of the environment.” If the development of the necessary infrastructures can be made compatible with environmental care, games would be news “Very important” to “strengthen the position of the Pyrenees and the Aragón brand” at an international level, explained days ago the president of the community, who has known the project since last summer, when Alejandro Blanco himself explained it to him.

Lambán has also regularly spoken about the Games with Pedro Sánchez, who is “truly involved” in the project. In fact, as he explained already in February, they dedicated “several minutes” to the candidacy in the conversation they had during the PSOE federal committee held in Madrid.

Aragon knows that this is not the time to rest on his laurels and that he must finish this agreement as soon as possible. It could be even next week, though nor is it ruled out that the heading arrives already in the first days of September. In any case, it will not be able to take much longer, since the participation of Andorra seems to have been absolutely ruled out. From Aragon it is valued that it is a candidacy of the Spanish Pyrenees. Catalan and, of course, Aragonese.


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