Araceli Pereda Alonso, 2020 National Prize for Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Assets

The jury of the National Prize has proposed the award of the National Prize for Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Property for 2020 to Araceli Pereda Alonso. This award, awarded annually by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is endowed with 30,000 euros.

Juan Bonilla, 2020 National Narrative Award

Juan Bonilla, 2020 National Narrative Award

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The jury has recognized "his long career dedicated to the conservation of Cultural Heritage through its management and enhancement". Likewise, he has also highlighted “his professional career in the defense of Cultural Heritage at the national and international level, his commitment to public institutions and his involvement in non-profit organizations and civil society; defending the importance of the conservation and restoration of historical buildings, archaeological sites, works of art, intangible and natural heritage, together with the important communication work at all levels, from academic to dissemination for all audiences through campaigns , conferences, and publications ”.

Araceli Pereda Alonso has a degree in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid, an official of the State Civil Administration, Corresponding Academic for Madrid of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando since 1989, president of Hispania Nostra and Gold Medal to the Fine Arts 2018.

Since her retirement in June 2012 and up to the present, she has philanthropically represented the Hispania Nostra Association for the defense of Cultural and Natural Heritage as President. It is worth mentioning the impulse given to the coordination with other Heritage Associations (historical activity in Hispania Nostra) as well as the incorporation of the Association to social networks and its consequent increase in the participation of institutions and people involved in conservation tasks , increase and dissemination of the Spanish Cultural and Natural Heritage.

He has actively participated in the drafts and discussion papers of the 1985 Spanish Historical Heritage Law and the 1994 Spanish Law on Foundations and Encouragement of Private Participation. He has also worked on the Wealth Tax Law during its discussion in the Senate, at the request of the Association of Spanish Gallery owners.

He has been a correspondent for Spain in the Heritage Committee of the Council of Europe from 1980 to 2000. Member of its Working Group for the Information and Documentation of European Historical Heritage, with which he collaborated for eight years. Also promoter of the HEREIN Project (Heritage International Net Work) that the Council of Europe has launched with the collaboration of the European Union.

He has directed and coordinated nearly 100 book titles and catalogs of exhibitions carried out throughout his long professional life. Especially outstanding are the Inventories of the movable and immovable heritage of the different Spanish provinces; those related to the promotion of creation by photographers and to plastic creation in Madrid after the Spanish Civil War. Equally essential are the catalogs of some exhibitions such as the series 'Treasures in private collections in Madrid' or those held in the Canal de Isabel II warehouse in Madrid. He has recently coordinated the publication 'Cultural Heritage Program of the Spanish Cooperation', 'Workshop Schools in Ibero-America' and a collection of monographs that individually present the most notable interventions of the Heritage Program and of those that have been published so far 21 titles.


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