October 30, 2020

Ara Malikian thanks with his violin the work of doctors and nurses – The Province

“I spend the day playing the violin, but my music will be dedicated this Saturday to the doctors and nurses from all over Spain who star in a titanic fight against coronavirus “revealed this noon Ara Malikian, the Lebanese virtuoso based in Madrid whom the cellist Rostropóvich recognized shortly before dying as the world’s best violinist of his generation. “If you have to go out and knock on the window, it comes out “, he proclaims in his confinement.

Malikian posted this Saturday on his Facebook account a very personal reflection that more than 12,000 people have already seen on the recommendations of the Spanish authorities so that we all stay home and thus stop the advance of the coronavirus. “These days, while we are in the house I have remembered 35 years ago, when we were in the days and weeks in a basement in Beirut protecting us from bombs“, begins the versatile musician accompanied at his residence in the central area of ​​Madrid by his partner and his five-year-old son.

Leave the shelter

When the shelling stopped, “we came out of the shelter,” he adds, “but now we don’t know when we will be able to leave our houses “, he continues.

Referring to his childhood, marked by the Armenian diaspora that led him to be born in Lebanon in 1968, Ara Malikian recalls how “we lived with all the neighbors and each one told about his life” while hiding in the basement of the building in which she lived.

“There was a man who, apart from being a neighbor, had a business on the ground floor of the building, he was the neighborhood pharmacist. In each bombardment the first thing that was destroyed was his pharmacy, for the positioning of the premises a bomb always fell on him “, he relates with nostalgia.

“The poor man every time he came out of the basement with all the love and care of the worldor he would meticulously rebuild his store until the next bombing, “he adds, not forgetting that there were many people who” told him to change places, to go to a different neighborhood, but he insisted on staying at home.

When Malikian left Lebanon in 1984, the man “had already rebuilt his business 12 times” without losing heart. “It gave me great joy 35 years later when I returned and saw that the pharmacy in our building was still there with the same Pharmacie Bustros poster“, celebrates the violinist because” the faith and determination “of that pharmacist had defeated the bombs.


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