June 24, 2021

Aquaman: The Liberator of Atlantis | Culture

Aquaman: The Liberator of Atlantis | Culture

Bastard son of the queen of Atlantis and messianic figure capable of achieving the union of two worlds, which are but one – you know, the land and the sea; that is, our planet-, Aquaman had to swim infinity of fathoms to reach his late consecration as a superhero with his own film. Along the way, this character born in the forties, but who did not reach its dramatic depth as a mythological figure until the nineties, crossed the abyssal pits of the internáutica jest, from the hand of amateur communities to which, for general rule, they find it hard to appreciate the short range of their onanistic comedy.


Address: James Wan.

Interpreters: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman.

Gender: adventure. United States, 2018.

Duration: 143 minutes.

Even the least sensitive viewers of the genre seem to be clear that, until now, Marvel and DC brands have tried to sharpen the distinctive touches of their respective products in the film market, with the same commitment as Pepsi and Coca-Cola, or McDonald's and Burger King have achieved excellence in the art of singling out opposite incarnations of the same. While Marvel has been opting for a seductive lightness, DC kept pressing the key of the dark and apocalyptic epic until, apparently, the charisma of the first model has forced this last seal to qualify its principles. The choice of James Wan as director is quite significant: the author who returned, with jets, the sense of the show to the horror film may have something new to say in the superhero genre.

And, in effect, Wan filters some sense of humor and introduces imaginative visual solutions as those that articulate the prologue, where each transition responds to a brilliant formal idea. The first confrontation between the queen Nicole Kidman and the sicarios of Atlantis, with its illusion of taking continuity, or the way in which two different persecutions are related in the same scenario in the Sicilian episode are debated between the discovery and the digital mechanics. But this film that is at the same time story of origin, dynastic struggle and immersion in Arthurian waters does not manage to get rid of a clear overweight kitsch Characteristically DC.


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