Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

April 28 is gaining strength as a new date for general elections

El 28 de abril cobra fuerza como nueva fecha para elecciones generales

The winds of an electoral advance blow strongly in Congress during the debate on the amendments to the entire budget. In the last hours, the possibility that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, call early elections for next April 28.

Yesterday morning, the agency EFE published that Sanchez expected to call the Spanish to the polls on April 14, a significant date, since it coincides with the declaration of the Second Republic in 1931. The Government did not confirm that information and many saw in the supposed announcement a final attempt to pressure the independence groups in Congress, ERC and PDECat, to withdraw their respective amendments to the entire budget.

But this morning has begun in Congress the plenary where these amendments are discussed to the totality without republicans and nationalists have shown the slightest intention to save the government's bills. So, rumors have soared about an imminent electoral advance. However, the date of April 14 has been losing strength during the day, as it coincides with the start of Holy Week and that could encourage abstention.

Thus, April 28 is now seen as a likely date for the celebration of the generals, if finally, the Congress returns tomorrow to Sanchez the budget. The president has other options. You can wait until autumn, as was your initial plan, and go governing by decree. You can also match the general with the regional, European and municipal May 26, in what has been called the superdomingo. However, this option does not like the territorial barons of the PSOE.

But, according to the sources consulted, April 28 would be a more convenient date for the Government, since it would allow Sánchez to monetize during the campaign two recent events, which in May already seemed prehistoric. It is about his presumable and eminent break with the independence movement that, if there are no last minute changes, will materialize tomorrow in the voting of the amendments.

There is a second event that Sanchez could take advantage of: the demonstration last Sunday of PP, Ciudadanos and Vox. Socialists can wield the ghost of fear to the right to try to mobilize their electorate in a remembrance of that famous slogan against the popular, "If you do not go, they come back."

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