May 17, 2021

Approval of the transfer of 38 cubic hectometres from Tajo to Segura in January

Approval of the transfer of 38 cubic hectometres from Tajo to Segura in January

The government, through the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO), has authorized the transfer of 38 cubic hectometres (hm3) from the Tagus River to Segura, for the month of January, in order to meet the water needs that affect the basins receptors.

"The Central Commission for Exploitation of the Tajo-Segura Aqueduct, meeting today at the headquarters of the Ministry for Ecological Transition, has authorized a transfer of 38 cubic hectometres (hm3)," according to a statement from MITECO.

The situation report, prepared by the Center for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works (CEDEX) and taken into consideration by the Commission, indicates that on January 1, 2019, the volume dammed in Entrepeñas and Buendía was 645.2 hm3, leaving an authorized volume pending to transfer of 20.8 hm3.

Therefore, an effective reservoir volume of 624.4 hm3 is obtained, higher than the threshold of 602 hm3 corresponding to the month of January. "Therefore, it is noted that the system is in a level 2 situation and the automatic authorization of a transfer of 38 hm3 is carried out," the statement said.

"The rate of transfer – continues the note of the Ministry – will be adapted to the progress of the emergency works to repair the infrastructure of the aftermath damaged as a result of the rains last November."

These infrastructures are those that allow the regulation, transport and final distribution of the water to the different irrigated areas.

"In this sense, the cleaning and repair work has already begun in the post-transfer works in the Campo de Cartagena to which, in this month, others to repair leaks in the aqueduct of Cigüela will be added," the statement concludes. of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition.


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