Appraisal Society streamlines the process to obtain a home appraisal



New technologies have an increasingly wide presence in the real estate sector, and have become a very useful tool in the development of all the stages of an official appraisal. Aware of it,
Appraisal Society
has reinforced its commitment to digitization with the launch of
Smart pricing
, a new service that allows you to obtain an official home appraisal in less than 24 hours from the appraiser’s visit to the property.

This innovative service is carried out by an independent expert appraiser and formally maintains the characteristics and properties present in a normal appraisal. That is, it has official validity and can be used to apply for a mortgage at any financial institution, as well as for the purpose of assessing market value.

Smart Appraisal stands out for its proximity to the client, speeding up and simplifying the various application processes for an official home appraisal and shortening the deadlines for the delivery of the report. The service includes a new communication channel with the Taxation Society through WhatsApp, joining those that are already operational today, such as the web form, email or telephone. At the same time, it speeds up the payment process, allowing the transaction to be carried out through Bizum directly from the mobile device. A modality that joins the traditional payment options via POS or bank transfer.

Speed ​​is another of the hallmarks of this new product: it opens the possibility of hiring an official home appraisal service, guaranteeing delivery to the client in less than 24 hours once the visit to the property has been made and all the documentation has been sent necessary.


The launch of Smart Appraisal is part of the Appraisal Society’s strategy of betting on innovation and the development of new products that allow us to be closer to customers, through a service that meets their needs and is provided in a timely manner shorter time, always maintaining the high quality standards of the company. In terms of technology, Sociedad de Tasación has been implementing improvements in all phases of an appraisal for years, as well as in the treatment of its databases, with the aim of improving information processing and offering a final product with greater added value.

To streamline each valuation process, the company has developed several applications dedicated to supporting the daily activity of appraisers, streamlining internal processes, to make them faster and more complete, and has also implemented digital improvements in the dissemination of its statistics on the performance of the sector. Thus, the
Real Estate Sector Trends Report
and the
Censuses on New Housing in Madrid and Barcelona
will be offered to the market since this year in a digital format, which allows users to access all ST’s own indices and indicators in an interactive way. dissemination of knowledge and information within the sector.

In this context, the launch also during 2021 of the
ST Real Estate Aggregator
, a digital platform that offers contextualized information on more than 150 macroeconomic and real estate statistical variables, all of them coming from public bodies and other sources. 4

40 years of experience in Spain

Founded in 1982, Sociedad de Valuation is the first appraisal company born in Spain, a leader in the generation of information and real estate statistics, creating in 1985 the first housing price index published in our country. Since its creation, it has carried out more than four million appraisals with an appraised value of more than two billion euros.

The companies that make up the Sociedad de Valuation group offer a wide variety of services in the real estate field: appraisals for the mortgage market (ECO), RICS and AVM valuations, valuations by statistical models, Sustainability Reports, Advice on Portfolio Value, Energy Certifications, Urban Consulting, Project Monitoring and IT developments applied to the real estate sector. During 2021, Sociedad de TasACIÓN has expanded its presence in Spain with the opening of ten new branches, reaching 23 throughout the national territory, with the aim of being even closer to customers, wherever they are.

Currently, it has more than 330 employees and more than 900 independent professionals (architects and engineers).

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