May 16, 2021

Appointment for the 2020 income statement



On April 7, the campaign to present the declaration of the Rent 2020-2021. Thus, taxpayers will be held accountable to the Tax agency and record the annual income received during the fiscal year of the past year.

All taxpayers with a single payer and who receive more than 22,000 euros per year will have to present the income tax return, as well as all those workers with more than one payer who receive more than 14,000 euros per year, as long as they receive at least 1,500 euros from the second or subsequent payers.

Although it is already possible to present the Income Tax return, it cannot be done in the three ways that the Treasury provides for it. In fact, until next time May 4th It will not be possible to make an appointment to be attended by phone, which will begin to occur two days later, the May 6th. Similarly, to make an appointment to go in person to one of the Tax Agency offices, you will have to wait until the may 27th.

And how can you make an appointment to be attended by phone or in person? There are different ways. One of them is through the Tax Agency website.

Make an appointment through the Internet

It is possible to request a prior appointment to be attended by phone or in person at any of the offices from the Tax Agency website. It is only necessary to have the NIF / NIE or DNI, electronic certificate, the Cl @ ve PIN or the reference of the declaration of the past year.

Within the website of the Tax Agency you can find a section called ‘Rent‘. Once inside you will have to click on the link ‘Featured procedures‘and what to mark’Previous Rental Appointment‘. At this point it will be necessary to identify yourself with any of the aforementioned documents or passwords.

Once inside, it will be necessary to answer a series of questions related to the income statement presented the previous year (for the year 2019) and, later, provide a contact phone number, so that, if so indicated, it is possible to remember by SMS the date and time of the appointment, as well as the place, if you choose to make an appointment to be attended in person.

On the next screen it will be possible to request the type of appointment that you want, by phone or in person. It should be noted that, if you choose by telephone, you will not be able to choose a time. The Tax Agency will call when possible.

In the case of choosing the option of ‘Appointment for face-to-face care at a Tax Agency office at a certain time‘, it is possible to choose the date, time and center, according to the postal code that is entered in the search section.

Finally, a receipt will be obtained with all the data of the appointment, which may be canceled or modified, both online and by phone.

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