November 26, 2020

Appointed 75% of those examined in the July EBAU at the ULPGC – La Provincia

74.97% of students has passed the tests of the Evaluation of the Baccalaureate for Access to University – EBAU in the call of July 2019 in the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. In total 905 students have been tested, of which 715 did so in the general phase, and 190 only in the option phase which is only to upload note.

The highest percentage of approved in the general phase over presented corresponds to the northern area of ​​Gran Canaria with 83.94%, followed by Telde with 78.43%; southern area of ​​Gran Canaria, with 78.23%; the zone of Las Palmas (Campus of Tafira), with 76.20%; Lanzarote, which registered a 65.91% of fit; and finally Fuerteventura, with 64.62%.

The ULPGC has sent to the email address provided by each student the test note, in addition to enabling an online application to consult the qualifications and, where appropriate, submit the claim. The claims period will be from July 12 to July 16 (until 12 noon). The note of the second correction is made public on July 19 and the Definitive ratings are published on July 31.

In July of last year 2018, a 72.79% of the students passed these tests of EBAU.

Listings of allocation of seats

On Monday, July 15, the first list of assignments will be published for pre-registered students who wish to start their degree studies at the ULPGC. Registration is will take place from July 15 to 18, understanding that the position is waived if it is not enrolled once it has been assigned. In total, the publication of 5 listings of allocation of places.

The second list will be published on July 22, with registration from July 22 to 24; the third list on July 26, with registration from July 26 to 29; the fourth list on July 30, with registration from July 30 to August 1; and the fifth list on September 10, which already includes the students of EBAU in July and pre-registered after the deadline. Before this last list, on September 1, vacancies will be published so that students can adapt their applications. The registration of the fifth list is set from September 10 to 13.

Students who have pre-registered to start a Master's degree You can check that your information is correct in the provisional list that will be published on Wednesday, July 17 and if the data is not correct you can claim on July 18 and 19. The first list of allocation of places for the Masters will be on July 24, with registration from July 24 to July 31.

The students already university from previous courses will be able to realize the registration in Degrees between the 15 of July and the 13 of September; and in Masters from July 15 to September 30. The academic calendar states that classes begin on Monday, September 10 for the Degrees and September 30 for the Masters. The non-face-to-face degrees (Teleformación) start classes on September 16.

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