Apply Marie Kondo's cleaning method to your digital life | Innovation

Apply Marie Kondo's cleaning method to your digital life | Innovation

The Japanese Marie Kondo introduced her KonMari cleaning method in 2011 with her book The magic of order. Netflix has released the series this year To order, with Marie Kondo and it has become one of the most watched programs (or so says Netflix). Can we apply the recommendations of Japan (very based on eliminating, aviamos) to our digital life?

To summarize a lot, Marie Kondo's proposal is based on order as well as elimination. Eliminate a lot. But much much. And there are going to be shots in this article. If you are not willing to give up your Diogenes syndrome, do not keep reading. Or yes, do what you want.


Marie Kondo does not like the papers. "My basic principle to order papers is to throw them all," he says in his book The magic of order. "There is nothing more annoying than papers, after all, you will never be inspired by joy, no matter how carefully you keep them."

In the same way, you can (and should) apply something similar to your email account: first, think that the inbox is a place of passage, not a file of emails, files or a list of tasks. All services or mail programs allow you to create separate subfolders (take advantage of the emails they allow to program filters that cause that an email that contains a certain word in its subject or that comes from a certain sender happens automatically to a folder). Keep only the important in them. Do not be afraid to erase by blocks.

It never hurts to give a return to so much subscription that (admit it) you do not even open.

One of the problems that we find is that we usually check the mail chronologically. Instead, you have to classify them according to their importance or according to your urgency. There are methods like GTD (Getting Things Done, created by David Allen) What they come to do is recommend that it be organized according to certain categories. These can be according to sender, according to the scope or, as Allen proposes, according to when it is going to act (the GTD proposes next actions, Projects, on hold Y someday).


We started with the email because it is something that takes away a lot of time. In her book, Marie Kondo proposes, however, that the task of organizing papers (the equivalent) is done at a more advanced stage. The KonMari method starts with clothes, which is the easiest category to order. This, well, would be according to Wired magazine, the apps. The main recommendation of Kondo is only keep those things that give you joy (suggests that you take each piece of clothing in your hands and be perceived if it gives you happiness).

Can we move the KonMari method? Go to the site where you have the list of apps (in iOs is in Settings) and think what feeling you get every app you have. If it gives you good vibes, if it makes you feel good do not think if it can be useful, because you'll end up keeping them all). You're not capable? Then delete those that you have not used in the last month. Without fear. In any case, it is likely that your phone has already done it for you, although it will have left the icon intact.

Then comes the part of ordering them. The most logical thing is that in the first screen we put the apps that we use the most. There is the possibility of making folders by categories (rsocial edes, multimedia, work, etc.), but, in fact, a better way is to use the mobile browser every time you want to find an app

Social networks

This is where Marie Kondo's method can be applied with more precision. If you stop to think, does it really help you to enter every two or three on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? It does not happen to you that when you enter the network of the bird you find yourself more and more with acrimony, bitterness or dispensable messages? Well, start by reviewing the people you follow and apply what Kondo proposes: does this profile cause you happiness? Do not? Well, outside. This, obviously, can be applied to other networks, although we know that eliminating your accounts altogether can be difficult. Because, make no mistake, many complain about the atmosphere of hysteria, discussions and false news that swarm in the networks, but many are still there, so, perhaps, to many that is precisely what gives them joy. ..


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