Apple users report problems with loading the new iPhone XS and XS Max | Technology

"As soon as I bought my new iPhone, I noticed that I had a problem." So begins one of the dozens of criticisms of Apple users in the official forum of the company because their iPhone XS and XS Max do not charge properly. "When you connect the cable to the phone, most of the time it is charged. But there are times when plugging it does not work ", explains the same user. This newspaper has contacted Apple, but the company does not yet have an official version on this problem.

Just two weeks after the release of the iPhone XS and the XS Max, which can be obtained from 1,159 euros and 1,259 euros respectively, the first failures of the companies have already been announced. smartphones. When some users connect the charger to the locked iPhone, the phone does not charge. To work, you have to unlock the device or disconnect the cable and reconnect it several times until the terminal loads normally.

He youtuber Lewis Hilsenteger has uploaded a video that shows the problem to his channel Unbox Therapy, which has more than 12 million subscribers. In it, connect an iPhone X and eight iPhones XS and XS Max to an official Apple charger. While the iPhone X was charging normally, most of the new smartphones they only activate after touching the screen and one of them does not load even when the youtuber Turn on the screen

Hilsenteger, who has dubbed the ruling as chargegate, he found out about the problem when a viewer sent him an email explaining the fault. He himself had not noticed with his terminal because he used the wireless charge instead of the power cord of his device. And this error only occurs when the user tries to charge the iPhone through the Lightning port and not by wireless charging.

Everything indicates that it could be an error in the iOS 12 operating system, according to several media specializing in Apple news. In that case, it would be solved relatively easily through a software update, as pointed out by Apple5x1.

Some users whose iPhone has problems when loading, have already found solutions, as reported by the technology portal The Verge. The iOS 12.1 beta update "apparently completely eliminates the bug": "So when Apple releases the update for everyone, it should not be a problem anymore." Other clients suggest accessing Configuration, FaceID and Access code, making scroll down to "allow access when locked" and activate USB accessories.


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