October 30, 2020

Apple suspends Siri consultation listening program – La Provincia

The American companyApple Inc. he said this Friday he is going tosuspend your programglobal intern to 'evaluate' part of thequeries to Siriby users after some consumers objected to the program.

The tech giant from Cupertino, California, employs people wholisten to less than 1% of requests to Siri to improve the digital voice assistant.Concern about the practices of technology companies that listen to and analyze what is spoken to voice assistants arose after Bloomberg News reported earlier this year exclusively that Amazon.com Inc. and Apple had equipment that analyzed recordings

Last week, The Guardian reported that Apple workers said thatThey often listen to sex, drug transactions and confidential medical information."We want to offer a great Siri experience while protecting user privacy," Apple said in a statement.

"While we carry out an exhaustive review, we will suspend the evaluation of Siri worldwide. Also, as part of a future software update, users will have the possibility to choose if they participate in the evaluation," he said.

This week a German regulator has temporarily banned Google employees and workers from transcribing voice recordings of domestic assistants in theEuropean Unionafter whistleblowers said some recordings contained confidential information.

A Hamburg agency released on August 1 thatGoogle agreed to a three-month cessationwhile investigating whether the practice complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Bloomberg News reported in April thatAmazon employs thousands of people around the world who listen to voice recordingscaptured by its line of Echo speakers in homes and officesin order to improve your Alexa digital assistant. The recordings are transcribed, annotated and then fed back into the software as part of an effort to eliminate Alexa's gaps in human speech and help it respond better to commands.

Apple's Siri also has human assistants, who work to assess whether the interpretation of the digital assistant's requests matches what the person said. The recordings they review lack personally identifiable information and are stored for six months linked to a random identifier, according to an Apple security document. The company does not directly reflect on iOS that it uses part of the recordings for its 'evaluation' process, but this is mentioned in the white paper.


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