January 25, 2021

Apple solves the FaceTime error that allows users to be seen without consent – La Provincia

Apple resuelve el fallo de FaceTime.

Manzanahas solved the security problem of your video call applicationFaceTime, which allowed to see and listen to other users without their consent, and announced thatwill distribute a security updatenext week with which will activate the groups again.

The FaceTime vulnerability, located on Monday,especially affected groupsand allowed to see and listen to other users before they picked up a call through the camera or the microphone of an Apple device.

The 'bug' that causes the security problem of the FaceTime Group function is already solved in Apple servers, as the company has assured through a statement sent to Europa Press.

Also, the group function of the application, deactivated since the problem was discovered, will be enabled again during the next week with the distribution of a 'software' update, according to the Cupertino company.

Apple has apologized to its customers affected by the FaceTime error, and thanked the Thompson family in Tucson, United States, whose 14-year-old son had warned of the problem, and who had already warned Apple about the problem. the existence of the 'bug' days before it was publicly known.

The American company, as soon as its engineers were aware of the details of the error, "quickly deactivated the FaceTime function in the Group and began to work on the solution," as it says in the statement.

Apple has also expressed its "commitment to improve the process by which we receive and process this type of communications so that they arrive as quickly as possible to the right people," they conclude from the company.


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