Apple sinks 10% in its worst trading session between deceleration symptoms

Apple sinks 10% in its worst trading session between deceleration symptoms


The iconic Apple fell nearly 10% today in what has been its worst trading session in at least six years, a sign that something is not working and that Wall Street analysts blame a clear symptom of deceleration economic crisis and that a crisis is approaching, although they refuse to talk about recession.

Immersed in volatility, Wall Street closed one black day especially for the technology, a sector that fell more than 5% and that, in addition to Apple, had other players such as Amazon, Facebook or Alphabet, with decreases of more than 2.5%.

Already far from the trillion dollars of capitalization, Apple surpassed it today in addition Amazon, that with 752,000 million surpasses in this chapter to the company of the bitten apple (749,000 million), as already did weeks ago Microsoft (776,000 million).

The Dow Jones of Industrials, the main indicator of the New York Stock Exchange, fell overall 2.83% and fell 660.02 points, to 22,686.22 whole, while the selective S & P 500 fell 2.48% or 62.14 points , up to 2,447.89.

For its part and in a gloomy day for technology companies, the composite index of the market Nasdaq, where the main technological groups are listed, gave an important 3.04% or 202.43 points, until reaching the 6,463.50.

The storm was announced yesterday, at the close of the markets, when Apple's leader, Tim Cook, admitted that they were not going to meet the billing forecasts in the first fiscal quarter of the company, which he blamed on the economic slowdown in China.

Precisely, the confluence of factors that concern investors range from the slowdown in global growth. manufacturing is going down- until the monetary politics of the Federal Reserve, going through the commercial tensions between the United States and China still unresolved.

Analysts are now debating whether the slowdown is leading the economy to a one-off crisis – the US economic data. they are still good – or even if they are going to a recession, an extreme that the majority discards.

We will have to see if the nerves of Wall Street are steel and the markets resist the fears of investors.


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