September 21, 2020

Apple shares reach a value of 2 trillion dollars, the second listed to do so after Aramco




Apple has reached the 2 trillion dollars (1.67 million euros) valuation on the Stock Market, becoming the first company to do so. This happens just a few days after the second anniversary of the multinational’s conquest of a trillion dollars in capitalization.

At the end of the first trading hour on Wall Street, Apple stocks posted an increase of more than 1% that allowed to reach a price of 468.09 dollars, with which the owner of the iPhone reached for the first time the level of 2 billion dollars.

In the wake of Aramco

Apple has thus become the first US company and the second listed company to achieve a valuation of $ 2 trillion, after the Saudi state oil company Aramco briefly managed to reach this milestone on December 12, 2019, a day after its IPO, although it was not able to maintain that value afterwards.

In this way, Apple has doubled in value in just over two years, after the company reached for the first time a billion dollars of capitalization on August 2, 2018becoming the first company in more than a decade to do so, after PetroChina achieved a 13-digit capitalization after its debut on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in November 2007.

60% appreciation of the shares

Apple shares accumulate a revaluation of more than 60% so far this year, after saying goodbye to 2019 at a unit price of $ 291.64. In January 2007, after announcing the launch of the iPhone for June of that same year, Apple’s shares were trading below $ 9.

The Cupertino Company debuted on the stock market on December 12, 1980 at a price of $ 22 per share and since then it has made four ‘splits’, so the price of the IPO adjusted by these divisions would be $ 0.39. In this sense, the multinational finalizes for the month of September a doubling of its capital in the proportion of 4 new shares for each current one.

The good numbers from Apple

The American tech giant has obtained a net profit of 11,253 million dollars (9,503 million euros) between April and June, which represents an increase of 12% compared to the same period of the previous year and represents the best result recorded by the multinational in its third fiscal quarter.

IPhone sales in the quarter reported to Apple 26,418 million dollars (22,310 million euros), 1.7% more, while Mac sales increased by 21.6%, to 7,079 million dollars (5,978 million euros), and revenue from iPad sales grew 31%, to 6,582 million dollars (5,558 million euros).

On your side, April-June sales of wearables and accessories totaled $ 6.45 billion (5,447 million euros), 16.7% more than a year earlier, while Apple’s service revenues grew by 14.8%, to 13,156 million dollars (11,110 million euros).

Thus, in the first nine months of its fiscal year, the Cupertino company closed with a net profit of 44,738 million dollars (37,781 million euros), 7.6% more that in the same period of the previous year, while the turnover increased 7%, up to 209,817 million dollars (177,195 million euros).

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