July 7, 2020

Apple returns to the keys of 'scissors' and leaves those of 'butterfly' in their laptops – La Provincia

The keyboards of theApple laptopsthey have been a recurring theme since in 2015 the company decidedchange the traditional scissor keyboard for the butterfly keyboard, which, since then, has led him to look for solutions to fix this keyboard model that has caused problems and complaints of operation.

It is called butterfly or scissors, both types of keyboard referto the mechanism of its switches (keys). The butterfly keyboards have two small components under the key that resemble the wings of a butterfly, which are connected with a hinge in the center.

This keyboard is thinner because, with this system, the keys have less travel so they need less space. While the scissor keyboard consists of two pieces of plastic that are interwoven as if they were a scissors, which when pressed the key overlap and activate the circuit.

The first time the company used a butterfly keyboard was in 2015and since then Apple has developed three generations of keyboards that has been included in the MacBooks released until this year.

It is in 2016with the arrival of the second generation of butterfly keyboards when complaints begin to appear, as some letters do not appear even though the keys are pressed, the keys get stuck or there are times whenthe letters appeared repeatedhaving pressed the key once.

In July 2018, Apple launched the new MacBook Pro with the third generation of keyboards. For this model, the company redesigned the butterfly model, to fix the faults previously detected by users, since it had included a small silicone membrane behind the key that prevented the dust from entering. But neverthelessseveral users informed the company that some keys such as E, R, W or T were repeatedstill pressing only once.

Before the complaints of some of its users,Apple launched in 2018 a free keyboard repair program that was extended in May 2019to fix all MacBook, BookMacBook Pro and MacBook Air models that had broken butterfly keyboards.

Already in 2019, Apple's latest laptop model, the 16-inch MacBook Pro, has returned toa redesigned scissor mechanism with the new Magic Keyboard. With it, the company has reduced the key travel to one millimeter, in addition to including a physical escape key and an inverted 'T' arrangement for the arrow keys (the arrows).

Butterfly key problems

But what is the reason why this occurs?Most keyboards are scissors, as the two pieces that are interlocked are larger, the key has more travel when pressed. In contrast to the butterfly, the path is much shorter (0.5mm), so if dust enters or a crumb gets into the keyboard, this key gets stuck.

Another problem that has been highlighted is that these types of keyboards havea very weak membrane under the butterfly mechanism, so it is possible that the problem is created because users type too hard.

In any case, Apple seems to have decided to end a design that in several generations of laptops has reported more headaches than positive comments.

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