May 16, 2021

Apple prepares a new version of the popular AirPods | Technology

Apple prepares a new version of the popular AirPods | Technology

At first, its appearance was reason for jokes on the part of the market that sensed a somewhat ridiculous aspect by carrying two headphones cut and without wires in the ears; little jokes lasted and the AirPods cse became a sales success and, what is more important for Apple, to become a new sign of identity. The owner of such striking headphones was an iPhone user and it is known that in marketing, this brand weighs a lot. Now, the manufacturer would be working on a new version of the AirPods that would break with what has been seen to date.

The information is collected by the prestigious analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose predictions tend to be almost always accurate in everything Apple regards. The peculiar headphones of the firm of the apple were presented at the end of 2016 as an accessory for exclusive use (taking advantage of all its functions) with the products of the house. Its integration with the Siri voice assistant made them a perfect complement for users of the iPhone and Apple Watch, who could at any time take the small sleeve out of the pocket and place the AirPods without any additional configuration.

The idea of ​​carrying the headphones in a load case that we could always have in our pants was a success and sales soared, making the product have very long delivery times that until recently Apple has not been able to regularize. When the demand exceeds the productive capacity of the offer, it does not seem that it is necessary to fustigate it with new models equipped with new functions that would excite more if possible the buying spirit of the customers.

An experience of 'innovative' use

Possibly this success has been the one that has slowed down a renewal guidelines parallel to those of the iPhone, but still, Apple has already advanced, through the advancement of the unprecedented AirPower, an important novelty for these teams that will not take long to see: the load Wireless According to Kuo, in a few months the manufacturer would present this new model of AirPods whose main novelty would be this way of loading, much more comfortable and intuitive and without the need to charge with cables. The analyst suggests that this new team would see the light in the first quarter of the year, but this would be just the appetizer.

Kuo argues that the big change in these headphones would come in the following exercise, that is, at the beginning of 2020. According to the analyst, the third version of the headphones would have in addition to wireless charging a "Innovative use experience"As well as a" high integration "with iOS and Mac devices. Although the analyst has not gone into more details, it seems that Apple intends to evolve the product in areas where some users have seen shortcomings, especially when it comes to pausing, reproducing or change track.

These innovations would come to solve one of the most conflictive aspects of headphones: the management of controls by the user, to date only managed by voice and some touches on the spine of the headphones. These improvements would cause a "dramatic increase" in the sales of the most popular accessory of the company, and is that as Kuo reminds, only 5% of the owners of an iPhone has AirPods, with which the margin of development is very high , knowing that there are more than a billion people who have an iPhone right now in their pockets.


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