Apple plans to allow changing the 'apps' by default on iPhone - La Provincia

The American companyManzanais studying the possibility of allowing users tochange the default applications in the iOS operating system, after receiving criticism for giving a greater advantage to their products.

Apple is considering whether it will let its userschoose other browsers and email applicationsto replace the browserSafariYthe 'app' Mailof the company.

Also, the Cupertino company is also considering reducingrestrictions on other music applications, such as Spotify or Amazon Music, and would allow your HomePod to play music from these rival services, according to people with knowledge about the matter cited by Bloomberg.

Currently, the company installs 38 default applications on its devices, including the Safari browser, Maps, Messages and Mail.

When an Apple user clicks on a link on a web page, the device takes you directly to the Safari browser. Similarly, when you press an email address, open the Apple Mail application, without offering other options.

This Apple system prohibiting its users from using applications from other companies was questioned last year in the US House of Representatives.

In October, the company announced that it was preparing an update of its 'software' so that third-party messaging or telephone applications function better with the Siri digital assistant without the user specifying their choice.

With this new update, which arrived at the end of the year,Siri started using the applications that the user frequently uses, which may not match those of Appla, and opens them automatically.

Thus, for example, if the user uses WhatsApp as a messaging application, Siri starts directly in WhatsApp when the client wants to send a message, without having to specify it.


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