Apple: New iPad Pro, productivity at the price of gold | Technology

Apple: New iPad Pro, productivity at the price of gold | Technology

A user tries the new iPad Pro models. In video, this is the new iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pro arrives in two sizes and replaces the previous one of the same name. Apple has renewed its most powerful tablet by deleting the previous version of its catalog and adding more power in versions of 11 and 12.9 inches. The 2018 edition of his tablet has thinned, and weighs much less than a laptop but pretends to be so useful and much more fun supported by its graphics engine and four speakers, which ensure a more enveloping sound.

During tests conducted with specialists. Apple has emphasized its ability to take advantage of augmented reality with educational applications, such as Froggpedia, or games, such as Lego's NinjaGo. An aspect that still does not have many real uses, but that is outlined as the next land to conquer by Apple.

One of the usual friction points, start to use a new device and make the removal of the profile and applications, has been substantially improved. Just close the iPhone to recognize the owner and ask what you want to move. In just 10 minutes everything is ready. Comfortable, yes, as long as it is within the universe of Apple. Everything is simple within the circle created by the sum of Airpods (headphones), Mac, iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone. The ecosystem is solid and flowing, but changing some of the pieces breaks the flow. It's the magic of Apple, but also one of its barriers to both entering and leaving.

A user tries the new iPad Pro stylus
A user tries the new iPad Pro stylus AP

When Apple presented its iPad, to dry, in April, there was a notable price decrease. They positioned it as the optimal apparatus for schools, confronting Chromebooks promoted by Google. The affordable iPad, in addition, was compatible with the Pencil that existed then and with a generic model, if the comparison with the medicines is accepted, manufactured by a third party, Belkin, at a lower price. This time the price of the iPad that goes on sale this Wednesday starts at 879 euros in a version of 64 gigs of memory. The superior reaches the terabyte for 1,709 euros.

The pencil gives meaning to many of the changes, but, oh, bad news, it does not come standard. It is purchased separately, which means an additional expense to get the most out of the tablet. The pointer, lighter, is also more resistant to knocks and falls. It has been redesigned from scratch

Incompatible with the ancient Pencil

The new iPad Pro is not compatible with the Pencil born in 2015. It is no longer loaded through the port lightning, but it does it when posarlo in one of its edges thanks to its magnetic connection. The keyboard also connects thanks to three contact points in the back.

New Pencil.
New Pencil. AP

Among the highlights, the power compressed in less weight, a screen with hardly any edges, as well as the processor, similar to the iPhone Xs, and the camera. Also the disappearance of the start button (home), which served as a lifesaver in case of loss. Now everything is focused on the tactile gestures on the screen. Without fingerprint reader, as in the iPhone, facial recognition serves to unlock the device.

Among the improvements, the price, very high. As well as take some decisions of Apple and its consequences. The faithful will have to invest in a new pencil (135 euros), as well as a keyboard case (the previous one is also not compatible, whose price is 199 euros for the 11-inch model and 219 for the 12.9), plus an extra USB-C cable to charge the tablet or transfer files to and from other devices.

After using the 11-inch iPad Pro during the weekend and write much of this piece in it, we can conclude that the battery has improved significantly and that it is used to work. Shine in video editing (iMovie) and audio (Garage Band) amateur. The retouching of photos with the Pencil is a constant saving of time, but it does not completely replace the computer. The operating system is designed to touch the screen, to move from one application to another, even to watch movies and play, also to manage the mail, but the spreadsheet, the day to day of many of the professionals they are targeting, still not working.

Sample of the graphic possibilities of the iPad Pro.
Sample of the graphic possibilities of the iPad Pro. REUTERS

Apple continues to deny the convergence between Mac (operating system of their computers) and iOS (mobile and tablet). Seeing the results of the test is closer and closer the day when the only difference will be the ability to manage the files, their compatibility with other devices, as well as the creation of certain types of files, such as the aforementioned spreadsheets, where the pencil is helpful, but it is not enough.

Has the iPad reached its limit? It is possible that it is at its most refined and polished point. During the announcement of financial results of Apple last week unveiled a decision of great draft: henceforth will not share numbers of devices sold. They will leave the estimates back to the analysts, just as Amazon does, but they will not say the number of tablets, computers, mobiles and watches that reach the market. Time to invent the next product category? Very likely


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