Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Apple may delay launch of its first 5G iPhones

The coronavirus pandemic is upsetting all plans for new product launches by technology companies. Among them, Apple is already preparing to delay the launch of its first 5G iPhones, according to sources from the company to the Nikkei Asian Review.

The technology giant of Cupertino has held some internal meetings on the possibility of delay several
months the launch of their new devices. Other sources from the supply chain cited by the Japanese media ensure that practical obstacles could further delay this launch, originally scheduled for next September.

Besides trouble accessing supplies necessary, there is another problem that worries Apple. And is that the current situation of pandemic and the possible crisis that comes after it causes consumers a loss of interest or desire to renew their mobile phones.

This could have as a consequence that the launch of the first iPhone 5G had a timid reception, something that Apple does not want, because according to company sources, “They need the first iPhone 5G to be a success. “

Apple is already late with the presentation of its smartphone with 5G capacity. Its great rivals Samsung and Huawei have a year of advantage in this matter. Earlier this year, those in Cupertino set an aggressive target to launch an iPhone 5G. To do this, they commissioned mobile providers to prepare to manufacture up to 100 million units of the new devices for this year alone.

The forecast was to launch four different models of phones with 5G.

The company is now evaluating the impact of the pandemic in Europe and the United States, its main markets, where more than half of its sales are concentrated. It will depend on this analysis that the launch of the new devices is delayed.

Another aspect that can influence the decision is the order you gave Manzana their workers to continue working in their homes indefinitely. The launch of the new mobiles could also depend on the lifting of this confinement order.

According to sources consulted by Nikkei, the company will make the final decision at the latest in May.

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