Apple introduces the new iPhone 13 and smartwatch

The iPhone 13 and the new Watch, the products that Apple is expected to present.

The iPhone 13 and the new Watch, the products that Apple is expected to present.

Manzana celebrates this Tuesday its traditional annual hardware presentation event, in which, as usual, he has not revealed what he is going to show, although all analysts agree that it will be the iPhone 13 and the new watch model Apple Watch.

The American company always shows its new phone models during the first half of September, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday after the Labor Day in USA, which was held last week.

The only exception to this tradition was last year, when due to logistical problems derived from the pandemic of Covid-19, the event had to be postponed until mid-October.

The presentation has a format 100% digital, as has already happened with all Apple events since the beginning of the pandemic, and can be followed for free online from anywhere in the world.

Portals specialized in information about Apple like 9to5Mac They suggest that the thirteenth model of the iPhone (one of the doubts is whether it will keep the name despite the fact that 13 is a number traditionally considered cursed) will have a design very similar to that of last year’s phone.

The main improvements, according to this portal that usually has internal company information, they would be given in the photo and video camera, as well as the image quality of the screen.

In addition, several media have published in recent days that the iPhone 13 will come equipped with new satellite communication technology that allows it to send emergency messages when the user is in areas without telephone coverage.

The latest iPhone model, the 12, has been very well received by the public, and its sales have contributed decisively to shoot the firm’s profits by 66% year-on-year to $ 74,129 million, according to the accounts presented by the company in July.

Apart from the iPhone, which is always the star of these events, the firm led by Tim Cook is also expected to present the seventh series of its reloj smart Apple Watch, which would come equipped with a larger screen than previous models.

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 7 Yes, it would undergo a substantial design change, and its finishes would become more rectilinear and angular, thus moving away from the rounded shapes that have characterized it in recent years.

Another novelty whose presentation generates great consensus among analysts is that of the third generation of the popular AirPods wireless earbuds, in which the clamping bar would be shortened and the finish of the plugs would be rounded.


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