Apple earns 19,965 million in its first quarter of 2019, 0.5% less

Apple earns 19,965 million in its first quarter of 2019, 0.5% less


The US multinational Apple announced today a profit of 19,965 million dollars in its first quarter of the fiscal year 2019, 0.5% less compared to the same period of 2018, in line with the reduction of expectations announced by the company at the beginning of January.

The firm based in Cupertino (California, USA) entered during the past three months 84.310 million dollars, 4.5% less than the 88.293 million invoiced in the previous year, at the same time that the shareholders of the company received $ 4.18 per share, compared to the 3.89 earned in the first quarter of 2018.

For the first time, the company that runs Tim Cook did not accompany the results published today of the sales figures of its most popular product, the iPhone phone, although in its announcement in early January Apple already warned of a slowdown in sales of this device, especially in China.

The operating results (before interest and taxes) between October and December were of 23,906 million, below the 27,030 of the same period of the previous year, and the company reduced its long-term debt by 1,000 million, going from the almost 94,000 million in December 2017 to the current 93,000.

The quarterly billing released today corresponds almost exactly with the downward revision that the company made on January 2, when it predicted to raise 84,000 million, a figure significantly below the between 89,000 and 93,000 million predicted previously.

On that occasion, Cook blamed the bad forecasts for the economic slowdown in China – the second market for Apple, just behind the US – and a reduction in sales of the iPhone, especially in the Asian country.

The figures released today confirmed this trend, with a reduction of the turnover in China of almost 5,000 million with respect to the first quarter of last fiscal year.

"Although it was disappointing not to meet our revenue predictions, we managed Apple for the long term, and the results of this quarter show that the strength on which our business is based is deep and broad," Cook said.

After the big drop that Apple suffered in the markets when announcing its review of income at the beginning of the month, investors looked with a better eye at today's results, and the company's shares revalued by 3.5% to 160, $ 1 per share in electronic transactions after the closing of the Wall Street switchboards.


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