July 29, 2021

Apple declares the iPhone 5 obsolete – The Province

Apple declares the iPhone 5 obsolete - The Province

Apple has declarediPhone 5as discontinued product in the United States andobsolete in the rest of the world, and has discontinued the hardware support service for this model, with the exception of the State of California (United States), in which parts will be available for two more years.

The iPhone 5 has been introduced in the list of discontinued and obsolete products of Apple, to spend more than five years since the manufacture of the 'smartphone' was stopped, according to the company on its support website in Japan.

Those products whose manufacture was interrupted beforehand in a period of between five and seven years are considered discontinued, as it is precisely with the iPhone 5, a terminalreleased to the market in September of the year 2012.

The support service of physical parts for the iPhone 5 has been interrupted worldwide, where Apple qualifies it as obsolete. The company notes that service providers can not order parts of obsolete products, and that it has canceled "all hardware services for obsolete products without exceptions".

As an exception, products purchased in the State of California (United States), based on State law, can be repaired up toseven years after the end of manufacturing, and therefore for two more years. For this, users can go to Apple stores or contact the Apple Care coverage service for iPhone and iPad.

According to Apple's policies, all devices whose manufacture ended more than seven years ago are considered obsolete all over the world. As an additional exception to the case of California is also Mac computers in Turkey, for which support is also extended to seven.


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