July 28, 2021

Apple allow advertising notifications in its ‘apps’ – La Provincia

ManzanaIt has changed its review policies in the App Store and will now allow applications to send push notifications for advertising purposes on their iPhone and iPad devices.

Developers can now send operating system notificationsiOSto inform users about offers of their applications.

The users ofiPhone and iPadThey will not receive this type of advertising in their notifications unless they consent to it and may stop it whenever they want, as Apple explained in its principles for developers.

‘Notifications’push“They will not be used for promotional or marketing purposes unless users have explicitly decided,” says the Apple document. “Abuse of these services may result in the revocation of your privileges,” he adds.

The company also says that it will be stricter when reviewing “dating” applications or those that “reveal the future.” “We will reject these applicationsunless they offer a unique and high quality experience, “he details in the development document.

In addition, the company has noted that 77 percent of Apple devices have the iOS 13 operating system, the latest version. As for iPad users, 79 percent haveiPadOS 13.

Therefore, Apple has indicated that fromApril 30th, all new applications and application updates must be for iOS 13.

Among other changes to highlight, Apple has decided that as of April 30 all applications that integrate other services to log in – asFacebook, Twitter or Google– they must have the function “Start session with Apple”.


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