App to control billing on mobile

App to control billing on mobile

«Business Pack» includes access to a mobile application called «Easy SII» that allows you to control the invoices digitally, both those received and those issued. The app makes your file possible by just taking a picture of it with your mobile. It also offers the possibility of issuing and sending them online, reviewing the saved ones and, from them, it is possible, among other functions, to generate statistics or immediately consult the status and evolution of the business. In addition, the storage and invoice management system that is provided is approved by the Tax Agency, so it is not necessary to keep them on paper. Its design and technological development have been carried out by Everis and CG Consultores.

Bankia is the first bank to offer this service of invoice management, to businesses and freelancers who, having only the tax payment or social security in this entity, can use it for free for six months and with a subsequent cost of 10 euros per month. In addition, «SII Easy» has a premium level that, for 25 euros per month, provides other benefits of integral fiscal and accounting management connected to the application.

The director of Commerce and Autonomous Bankia, Gonzalo Blanco, says that "we are aware that one of the key issues for the smooth running of any business is to keep strict control of billing." Therefore, from Bankia "we want to facilitate this task to businesses and freelancers with a value proposition that goes through the digitalization and management of invoices from the mobile, in addition to their storage in electronic format, which will allow them to forget about the physicists of paper".

The «Business Pack» also incorporates personalized and specialized advice. "We want all the self-employed to have a personal manager, who will be their reference manager in the entity. A professional trained so that he can personally assist each client and meet their needs, regardless of where they are, "explains Blanco.

Physical or digital

From now on, the self-employed will be able to choose if this personal manager wants it located in their physical office or prefers a digital one remotely, through the "Connect with your Expert" platform, the advisory service designed for digital clients.

Since May 2016, the group of freelancers does not pay Bankia administration and maintenance fees on all their accounts, no fee on their debit and credit business cards, or fees for making transfers by any channel and for any amount, nor for the income (without limit) of checks or promissory notes in any of your accounts, personal or family. For this, it is only necessary to domicile social insurance or the payment of taxes in the entity.

Bankia's offer to these groups is not limited to this exemption. "For the value proposal to be complete, from Bankia we want to provide financing to our clients' projects, in a very agile way, since the self-employed person has little time and we have to provide the financing at the moment he needs it", underlines White. Thus, the bank currently has more than 3,150 million euros available in pre-approved financing for 252,000 self-employed workers and merchants.


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