October 1, 2020

Ápice wins the award for the Most Outstanding Short Film of the Festivalito – La Provincia

The fifteenth edition of the Festivalito de La Palma, which has just been closed in the Circo de Marte Theater, hosted a huge number of shootings in the La Palma Rueda section in charge of the 290 registered, who shot 98 short films.

The official closing ceremony, which included the presentation of the palmera humorist Petit Lorena, has put the culmination of the XV Festivalito de La Palma with the screening of the finalist short films.

All works shot expressly, under the slogan “Reset: Let’s not go back to normality. Normality was the problem”, were screened at the Silvestre Carrillo football stadium in the capital of Palma.

The essence of the Festivalito is the on-site shootings and a handful of filmmakers took on the challenge that this genuine appointment with the seventh art on La Palma, to shoot a 4-minute short film in three or four days to present it to the competition section. Any corner of La Palma is likely to become a location.

Jovita Monterrey, Minister of Culture and Heritage of the Cabildo de La Palma, commented during the gala: “The Festivalito is a unique film contest due to the symbiosis between a cultural project and La Palma society. If we add to this a wide range of screenings, shootings, workshops and talks with a message impregnated with positivism, it which favors a calling effect for those who enjoy cinema anywhere in the world “.

He jury of the Andrómeda section (aimed at participants in international festivals) made up of Elio Quiroga (filmmaker), Mónica Pellejero (dean of the Faculty of Communication of the Universidad del Atlántico Medio de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Naira Gómez (actress) and Benjamín Reyes (DocuRock programmer) decided to award the Andrómeda Most Outstanding Short Film award to Ápice, by Cándido de Armas for “the cinematographic use of the variety of landscapes on La Palma”.

When Raúl Camacho, Minister of Tourism of the Cabildo Palmero, took the stage, he pronounced the following words: “The Festivalito makes La Palma unique because every year on the occasion of its celebration everyone looks at the Isla Bonita, and this is captured in the cinema, and from there, it makes the leap to the rest of the world“.

For his part, Lyra’s Most Outstanding short film It ended up at the hands of La Apagada de la Virgen, by Himar Soto, which refers to the suspension of the Bajada de la Virgen de Las Nieves. The interpreter Carla González was valued as the most outstanding actress by Pieses.

Meanwhile he Most prominent actor was Luismi Castillo for DOGS. For its part, Absencia, by Juanjo Neris, won the Distribution award, and will be distributed by international festivals by Digital 104. Neris explores a filial paternal story. Get your second Distribution award with this.

And finally, Melissa Hernández Councilor for Culture of the Santa Cruz de La Palma City Council wanted to highlight that “Everything has gone as planned, complying with all security measures. We must continue to support the Festivalito, for the cultural roots that this event already has in La Palma and, above all, for the people of the Canary Islands, since, energizes Tourism and helps boost local businesses “.

He Festivalito, La Palma Stars Film Festival, is an initiative of the production company Chukumi Studio. Its main promoter and main sponsor is the Cabildo de La Palma, through the Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage and the Ministry of Tourism. They are joined by the sponsorship of the Government of the Canary Islands through Canarias Cultura en network and the town councils of Los Llanos de Aridane and Santa Cruz de La Palma.

The participation of Canarian institutions and companies such as ESETEC-Higher School of Technical Studies of the Canary Islands, the Universidad del Atlántico Medio, CajaMar (Caja Rural) and Casa Cabrera, in addition to having the collaboration of numerous companies on the island of La Palma.

XV Festivalito honors:

– Star for the Most Outstanding Short Film Andrómeda (professionals): Ápice, by Cándido de Armas
– Star to the most outstanding short Lyra, Roberto Rodríguez Award (amateur): La Apagada de la Virgen, by Himar Soto
– Special Distribution Prize (awarded by Digital 104): Absence, by Juanjo Neris
– Most Outstanding Actor Star: Luismi Castillo for Dogs
– Star for the most outstanding actress Pilar Rey Award: Carla González for Pieses
– Star for Most Outstanding Photography: Pablo Ramírez for Storni
– Star to Sound Design: Kamchatka, by Óscar Santamaría
– Star to Original Music: Jonay Armas for Idaira and Mayarí
– La Palma Starry Sky Special Award: Eyes that don’t see, by Carlos de León
– Arcoíris Love Festival Award (values ​​of equality): Contagio, by Eugenia Padrón
– Star of the public for the most outstanding short, Miguel Brito Award: Dogs, by José Piñero
– Star for the short film Cine con TIC: Abrazacorazones, by Salomé Moreno


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