April 10, 2021

Apex Legends now available, the Battle Royale F2P from Titanfall

Apex Legends now available, the Battle Royale F2P from Titanfall

It is official; Respawn Entertainment Y Electronic Arts Finally have presented his new competitive court title and free character Apex Legends, a new Battle Royale F2P based on the universe of the saga Titanfall that is already available for download in PC, PS4 Y Xbox One through Origin, PS Store Y Xbox Live, respectively.

FPS for 60 players without Titans

Thus, Apex Legends complies with the basic rules of the fashion genre, the Battle Royale, that is, a generous size map (in this case based on the La Frontera de Titanfall scenario) in which players compete to the death until the last one is standing.

In this case, we are facing a Battle Royale for up to 60 players simultaneous with everything cast of legendary characters with his own personality, strengths and abilities in the purest Overwatch style, and that will expand over time. Of course, for decpeción of the fans of Titanfall, in Apex Legends there will be no place for the Titans, we can only play with private soldiers.

The responsible ones assure that the presence of micropayments will not affect the playable experience at all and that will only be valid to acquire new cosmetic elements, the so-called Apex Packs, and unlock new characters.

Respawn Entertainment promises continuous support to the title with the addition of new elements every so often, as well as solving possible setbacks and balancing the gaming experience to the fullest.

Available from today in PC, PS4 Y Xbox One, it will only be necessary to have a paid online account in the Microsoft console to play online, as is the case with the rest of Xbox Live's F2P. In PC and PS4 no type of quota will be necessary.

We leave you with your launch trailer and the first images Apex Legends, the new Battle Royale free-to-play of EA and Respawn Entertainment.

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