March 7, 2021

Apes Of God singer César Canales dies shot in full concert

César Canales, singer of the Salvadoran band Apes Of God, was shot dead during a concert at the "Green Metal Concert", a musical event in which the group participated.

El Salvador police arrested the suspected suspect, a 36-year-old man named Wilber Isidro Orellana, according to local media Orbita TV. The Death Metal group drew up a statement in which they said they were forced to leave the stages after the events. "Due to this unfortunate fact, we announce that Apes Of God will leave the stage permanently, for a long time they will not know anything about us since we are not interested in continuing to belong to a" scene "how it is ·, said the group.

In the moments prior to the performance of the group, the members were unbelievable and moments of high tension were seen, which could have been the cause of the shooting according to the official version. The group said in another statement that "all real information on what happened will be provided by the National Civil Police of El Salvador."

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