April 20, 2021

Apartments that do not exist and false photographs of hotels, the most common scams in summer


Rent apartments that do not exist, cancellations by surprise or photographs that do not correspond to reality, among other deceptions. To avoid scams, from the OCU consumer association recommend keep the documents that prove the reservation as well as emails, receipts and even screenshots. In this regard, it should be noted that the crime of fraud is defined in Article 248 of the Criminal Code and must involve profit, deception with complexity, which is aimed at causing error in the victim and act of disposition to their own detriment or foreign (for example, the delivery of money).

In this regard, the legal team of reclamador.es explains that in any situation of fraud or abuse, the consumer must report. "It is very important to record this before the authorities because, although a priori the offender may not be found in a holiday scam, the complaint will help prevent it from happening to other people in the future."

In addition, from the online company of legal services influence the importance of collecting all the evidence you have about the possible scam. In this sense, the legal team clarifies that "it is probable that the Police will have more similar complaints, so it will be easier to identify the fraudster in order to prosecute the guilty party. The perpetrators of these crimes face penalties of six months to three years. When the scam does not exceed 400 euros, the penalty will be a jail fine of one to three months. Likewise, the fraudsters have to return to the user the money defrauded, the interests and a possible compensation for the damages and losses credited ».

Among the main scams that occur, in reclamador.es stand out the cases in which the apartments that are rented online do not really exist. "If we rent an apartment to a private person through the internet and when we arrive at our destination nobody appears, it is that there has been a scam. In this sense, the user should collect all the evidence he has, "say the spokespersons of reclamador.es.

The second most frequent deception is that which occurs when the reserved hotel does not have the same characteristics as in the photographs. "Users can claim for contracted services that have not been provided or that do not exist," says an expert at reclamador.es. You can also request relocation in another establishment if there is an overbooking situation or if the accommodation does not comply with what was promised, such as announcing that it has a swimming pool when it is not. If the problem is that we have contracted a room with a view or higher and installed us in another one with different characteristics, we can request the relocation inside that hotel or in another that complies with the contract, "they point out from the claimant. It is worth remembering that if the trip has been contracted through an agency, it must be claimed before it, since they are the ones who will pay the compensation.

Other incidents that usually occur in summer have to do with scams in rental cars. "In these situations, it is best to make sure that the car does not have any damage. Both before renting it and later. And if you had it, it is advisable to take pictures and leave a record of it when the rent is made. It is also highly recommended to ask for a document when the delivery is made, which is done in perfect conditions », point out in reclamador.es.

Cruise claims are also very common, especially when the cabins were not like the ones reserved by customers.

Another one the most frequent complaints in summer are those that are held bars, bars or nightclubs, establishments that during the summer increase their demand. The main problem that occurs in them are food poisoning, especially derived from products that are in poor condition due to high temperatures. In these cases, the consumer will have to complete and submit a claim sheet, indicating in detail the reason for the same,

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