“Anyone can understand the difference between the Ukrainian refugees and the youth invasions on our borders”

The far right has abandoned its neutrality on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, but he has taken advantage of the war to deepen his discourse against migrants, whom he has differentiated from the refugees of that country. Santiago Abascal has defended from the rostrum of Congress this Tuesday that the people who flee from Ukraine are indeed refugees and, therefore, "they must be welcomed." He then contrasted these people with the people who arrive in Spain from Africa: "Anyone can understand the difference between these flows and the invasions of young men of military age who have launched themselves against our borders with the intention of colonizing them."

The double hardship of foreign refugees to leave Ukraine:

The double hardship of foreign refugees to leave Ukraine: "All the love I had for this country has disappeared"

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The intervention of the president of Vox in Congress, in response to the appearance of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to explain Spain's position in the conflict in Ukraine, has extended the traditional flags of his training in international matters: the rejection of migration, Spain's international alliances and the management of the crisis in a European Union that it has repeatedly considered "weakened".

But above all, Abascal has made a profound defense of one of his main European partners, the Government of the Pole Mateusz Morawiecki, of the ultra-conservative Law and Justice party. "Almost all of you have criminalized Poland week after week, which is the nation that has faced the most [Vladímir] Putin," he said, adding that the crisis "has caught European Union bureaucrats trying to destabilize Poland."

It is at this point that the leader of Vox has taken the opportunity to assess the management of the reception of refugees leaving Ukraine due to the conflict, a term that of refugees that the Ukrainians do deserve but not the rest of the people who flee from other conflicts in the world. "Poland once again sets an example by welcoming refugees. These are refugees, yes, they must be welcomed. Anyone can understand the difference between these flows and the invasions of those young men of military age who have launched themselves against the different borders of Europe with the intention to colonize it", he launched.

In addition, it has once again requested, as Vox has already done on several occasions in parliament, that Ceuta and Melilla remain under the NATO orbit. "We must demand that NATO put Ceuta and Melilla under its umbrella, a request that you have rejected in Congress and the Senate only because Vox asked for it," he said. "We must firmly defend our borders and dismantle all official and subsidized human trafficking schemes that promote mass migration to destabilize nations," he continued.

The leader of the extreme right has also charged against the management of Sánchez in particular and of the European Union in general on the conflict with Russia. "Putin would never have dared to unleash this war were it not for the fact that they have left our continent in a state of absolute vulnerability and in a state of economic and energy dependence," he opined. To then mix the war with its traditional battle against "gender ideology": "The pandemic has caught us debating mathematics with a gender perspective."

For the president of the far-right formation, Sánchez is also discredited for leading the response to the attacks in Ukraine. "He is incapable of leading Spain and that incapacity translates into risk for the Spaniards," he said, before attacking the division on the vision of the conflict within the Government and the alliances that, in his opinion and without giving further explanations , has said that he maintains the minority partner of the Executive with Russia.

"We must support Ukraine with all our means, with all the force, with all the military means, with the most severe sanctions. Sánchez: you cannot do it because your allies do not allow it. They do not believe you, you in Europe and in the world they don't trust him at all and they don't respect him. Resign", he settled.

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