Anuel AA and Karol G announce their separation after three years of relationship

San Juan, Apr 21 (EFE) .- The Puerto Rican artist Anuel AA and the Colombian singer Karol G have announced their separation after almost three years of relationship, although both have hinted that they still love each other.

“I’m always seeing news that we are, that we are not … the reality is that we are not together, but I love her,” said Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, the name of the Puerto Rican artist, in a video that he downloaded to his social network account Instagram.

Last March, several digital media indicated that the couple had ended their relationship, as neither of them published photos together.

Anuel denied that either of the two had a relationship with a third person and that this was the cause of the breakup.

“She and I have a perfect relationship. There is no negativity or anything like that. It was not that if the vile news that she was with another man, that I was with another woman,” said Anuel AA.

“We each take our path. May God bless her a lot and may she continue to fulfill all her dreams and all her goals,” added the Puerto Rican ragman, who in his songs highlighted that he was a “Real Hasta La Muerte” person.

Karol G, for his part, admitted the break through a story he posted on his Instagram account.

“If just accepting it is difficult anymore, imagine having to do it in front of millions of people. For a long time, we tried to move our relationship away from social networks to take care of ourselves. We never used our relationship to do marketing today, or almost three years ago that everything started, “he noted.

She stated that she and Anuel were “two people with public lives” who wanted to have “a normal relationship like any other” and added: “That was the reason why we never hid what we felt and decided to make it public.”

“The incredible things that happened to both of us as people and as artists was a blessing and the result of a beautiful love that came to each of us at the time we need it most,” said Carolina Giraldo Navarro, the singer’s name.

He thanked all the people who accompanied them in their “crazy things.”

“The love we felt during these almost three years was unmatched, incredible and vibrating together with you was magical,” he said.

“I love you, Emmanuel, my gratitude to you, your family and everything we lived, grew up and learned together is infinite. RHLM”, highlighted the 30-year-old artist.


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