Antonio Surez asks to declare before the National Court – The Province

Antonio Surez asks to declare before the National Court - The Province

Antonio Suárez, president of the Canarian Federation and the Inter-Insular Football Federation of Las Palmas (FIFLP), as well as the first vice president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), made public yesterday his intention to present a brief before the judge to attend as soon as possible to declare to the National Court and "clarify in person" the facts that presumably relate to a plot of diversion of funds from the federation.

Given the information disseminated about the police investigation in which his name appears as a potential recipient of some economic benefit in the award of works, the president, through a statement, said that "I will transfer to the judge all the information you need in relation to my banking movements. "

Antonio Suárez yesterday gave the appropriate explanations to the rest of the members of the board of directors of the RFEF, of which he is the first vice-president and the head of the economic commission, positions that he has occupied for a month. In that meeting, the Gran Canarian leader was surrounded by the majority of his colleagues and by the highest representative of the national federation, Luis Rubiales.

In his statement, the president of the FIFLP emphasizes that this issue "dates back to 2013" and that the report of the investigation "is not conclusive in any case", since it refers to him speaking of hypothesis, with terms such as "plausible" or "I would have been a recipient of some benefit."

As the newspaper uncovered The world Last Monday, a report from the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, pointed Antonio Suarez as consignee from his position as president of the Canary Federation of recruitment from the FIFLP of a company -Magein 2012- created by the already deceased Valentín Sainz-Rozas, vice president of the provincial federation body, and in which his son also participated.

This company, according to the researchers, benefited from the installation of artificial turf on various football fields in Gran Canaria. It is also suggested that Antonio Suarez himself could have benefited monetarily from the award of these works.

Alfonso Silva, Heidelberg …

According to the report of the UCO, the refurbishment works of the artificial turf of Alfonso Silva stadium, located in the Barranco de La Ballena in Gran Canaria, was the first operation carried out irregularly through Magein 2012.

The UCO also points to Antonio Suárez as "connoisseur" of irregularities in the works of the football field of the Heidelberg School, subsidized with public funds from the collection of the pools, pointing out possible irregularities when contracting the works by of the FIFLP.

In addition to the facilities in the capital of Gran Canaria, irregularities are also reported regarding the award of works in other municipalities of the island, such as Santa María de Guía and San Bartolomé de Tirajana.


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