Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Antonio Surez, accused of diverting funds from the RFEF - La Provincia

Antonio Surez, accused of diverting funds from the RFEF - La Provincia

The Civil Guard accused Antonio Suárez, president of the Inter-Insular Federation of Las Palmas, and first vice president of the Spanish Federation, of diverting funds from the highest body of national football from his position as provincial governor, public The world.

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According to a report of the Central Operative Unit (UCO), to which the aforementioned media had access, Suarez consented to the alleged embezzlement by hiring by the Interinsular of a society created in a "premeditated" way by his vice president, Valentin Sainz-Rozas, who incorporated his son in the same. The researchers say that this instrumental company was conceived to "benefit from artificial turf installation works" in 2013.

The UCO maintains that Antonio Suárez not only "would have been aware" of this operation of diversion of funds in favor of Sainz-Rozas, but considers "It is plausible that he himself had been the recipient of some benefit related to the award of works to the company Magein 2012, S.L."

"The circumstances surrounding certain annotations associated with amounts of money and the name of Antonio, make plausible the hypothesis that they refer to Mr. Suárez Santana and that, therefore, he himself had been recipient of some benefit related to the award of works to Magein 2012, SL, "the report states.

Fields of artificial turf

The first fraudulent operation, according to the UCO, is related to the football field Alfonso Silva, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. "It is considered relevant that a few months before the signature -of the agreement for the works- there is a budget for this work carried out by the company ICD, SL, administered by the son of the vice president of the FIFLP, for an amount practically the same as the one stated in the agreement", maintains the Civil Guard.

"And that said budget, put in connection with a manuscript document, allows to deduct a surcharge on the actual cost of certain materials at about 40,000 euros," he adds.

The report of the UCO, according The world, Maintains that Suárez, that adds 32 years to the front of the Interinsular, "once constituted Magein 2012, S.L., would have taken advantage of all the power of influence of the FIFLP with the different local entities, among which the Town Hall of Santa María de Guía stands out and, above all, that of San Bartolomé de Tirajana in Gran Canaria, for the adjudication of works of installation of lawn"


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