Antonio Ruz and Olga Pericet win the National Dance Awards | Culture

Antonio Ruz, in the mode of creation, and Olga Pericet, in the interpretation, have obtained today the National Dance Awards for 2018, endowed with 30,000 euros each. De Antonio Ruz the jury has especially valued his "singular language", the result of his personal research and enriched with multiple collaborations with various artists. For her part, Olga Pericet has been awarded "for her ability to bring together the different disciplines of Spanish dance, updating them in an interpretive language with its own stamp, for its scenic versatility and its valuable transmission capacity".

Antonio Ruz (Córdoba, 1976) is one of the most prominent names in contemporary dance in Spain. He trained in the company of Víctor Ullate, where he ended up practicing as the first dancer, then he was signed by prestigious formations such as the Ballet of the Grand Theater of Geneva, the Lyon Opera and the National Dance Company under the direction of Nacho Duato.

Image of 'Electra', choreography by Antonio Ruz.
Image of 'Electra', choreography by Antonio Ruz.

In parallel to his career as a dancer he began to develop as a choreographer and in 2009 he founded his own company, with which he has presented creations such as Curved, No drama, Recreation.01, Ignoto, Eye Y Set me free! Since 2007 he has also collaborated with Sasha Waltz & Guests, one of the largest European groups, based in Berlin.

His last collaboration was precisely with Olga Pericet in the creation of the show Electra for the National Ballet of Spain, which inaugurated the last edition of the Classic Theater Festival of Mérida. And soon, on October 19, he will premiere a new piece with his company, Presente, at the Teatros del Canal de Madrid.

Olga Pericet (Córdoba, 1975), tanned in her first youth in tablaos in Madrid and Japan, was later the first dancer of Rafael Amargo's company and in 2004 she premiered as a choreographer with the show Bolero, love letters and lack of love.

She regularly collaborates as a choreographer with Antonio Ruz, Manuel Liñán, Marco Flores and Daniel Doña. His latest work, The thorn that wanted to be a flower or the flower that dreamed of being a dancer, premiered at the beginning of 2017 in Jerez and still continues on tour. By the year 2019 he prepares Infinite body, in tribute to Carmen Amaya, who will perform at the Teatros del Canal on May 25.


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