December 1, 2020

Antonio Ruiz Onetti, reelected president of the SGAE

Antonio Ruiz Onetti has been re-elected this Monday president of the General Society of Authors and Editors (Sgae) after receiving the yes from all the members of the board of directors of the copyright management entity.

According to sources from the SGAE, Onetti has been elected again as president, the 44th in the history of the entity, after receiving the yes of the 39 members that make up its highest governing body.

In this way the Sevillian playwright (1962), a member of the Sgae since 1987, has revalidated his position after last April 30 was the only one to present a candidacy to fill this position that was vacant because the soprano Pilar Jurado, then president, did not pass a vote of no confidence.

According to Onetti in statements provided by the SGAE, his main objective in the presidency is “to continue the path undertaken to achieve a more pluralistic, more efficient SGAE, governed by good practices and that responds to the different sensitivities of all its partners.”

The entity – he added – must be an example of good governance, balance and the search for the common good. And for that, we now have a Board of Directors united in a common project “.

In addition, the Sevillian author has explained that, with the renewal of all the governing bodies of the entity, and after the approval of the new statutes by the Ministry of Culture and the General Assembly and the update of the internal regulations, a process of institutional reform is “culminated” in the entity.

“We live in difficult times, because pandemic it has caused an unprecedented impact on the cultural fabric. Even so, our roadmap must be clear: we must work for an administration in line with the new times and being able to match the talent of our partners. We have a responsibility to offer the best possible service to our 120,000 members. This goes through an efficient management and distribution of their rights “, he added.

In addition to the election of the new president, in the board of directors held this afternoon, four vice-presidencies have been appointed: Sabino Méndez, by the Small Law College; Carlos Navarro, for the Audiovisual College; Fermín Cabal, from the College of Great Law; and Carlos Martínez, for the College of Editors. All of them have also been elected unanimously.

Likewise, The Board of Directors has also been constituted, body to which the permanent and executive administration of the entity corresponds. It is formed, in addition to the president, a total of 13 members appointed by the Board of Directors at the proposal of the respective professional associations.

Thus, the Board of Directors will comprise: Fermín Cabal and Eduardo Galán (Great Law); Juan Parrilla, Manuel Marvizón, Pablo Salinas, José de Eusebio and Sabino Méndez (Little Right); Carlos Navarro, Joanes Urkixo and Antonio Meliveo (Audiovisuals); and Santiago Menéndez Pidal, Rafael Aguilar and Cecilia León Rodrigo (Editors). Likewise, elected unanimously.

Throughout its 120-year history, the SGAE has been chaired by composers such as Ruperto Chapí, Amadeo Vives, Francisco Alonso, Jacinto Guerrero and Moreno Torroba; playwrights such as Benito Pérez Galdós, Pedro Muñoz Seca, Carlos Arniches, Eduardo Marquina, Juan José Alonso Millán, Ana Diosdado or Santiago Moncada; or filmmakers like Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón or José Luis Borau.


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