Antonio Resines talks to Chicote about his failure as a producer: “I didn’t imagine we would lose everything”

Antonio Resines was the first guest of Alberto Chicote in ‘Off the map’, the new program the sixth in which the chef travels places of the Spanish geography together with a character, in the style of ‘Planeta Calleja’ in Four, although with less adventure.

His participation in the space gave rise to several confessions, many of them related to the film industry and his profession: “I did not want to be an actor. I liked cinema and did whatever it took but it was not my intention. Until he called me Fernando Fernán Gómez for ‘Ópera prima’ and it changed my life. It was my first job as an actor, I earned 75,000 pesetas“, confessed the interpreter.

On the other hand, Resines surprised Chicote with a confession about the reality of the industry: “The normal thing in this profession is to be unemployed, that you work 30, 40, 50, 60 days a year, that is normal “, affirms Resines, who affirms that” the data of 2019 “indicate the following:” 87% of the actors of this country, which is a Approximate payroll of 15,000 people, they do not reach 6,000 euros per year in income in their profession. “” They are supposed to have others, of course, there is a lot of waiter. ”

Alberto Chicote did not hide his astonishment, since Resines had said in ‘La Resistencia’ that he had a lot of money: “That’s a lie, man!” Said the actor laughing. In addition, he spoke of his big flop when he debuted as producer in the second part of ‘The girl of your eyes’ by Fernando Trueba: “I went into production on ‘The Queen of Spain’ and it was a failure, we did not get the money back. I never imagined that we would lose everything”.

There was also a moment to talk about ‘Los Serrano’, the mythical series and its no less mythical ending: “It seems that I have done the end“He complained. Resines commented on the big mistake of that ending:” The children had grown up and since it was supposed to be the day after the wedding, they had grown everything and they put them on a table so that they Their chest will not be noticeable, and they will shave their beards. It had been 6 years when it was supposed to be a single day. It was something that nobody was going to believe and indeed, nobody believed “.


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