Antonio Resines, admitted to the ICU after contracting coronavirus

The actor Antonio Resines, 67, is currently admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Gregorio Marañón General University Hospital, in Madrid, after having infected by coronavirus, as reported by 'ABC' this Thursday.

According to the aforementioned medium, the interpreter has the three doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, that is, it has the booster dose. Right now, the patient is stable and despite being in the ICU, he is not intubated and "only needs some oxygen".

Do you agree that the use of the mask is once again mandatory outdoors?

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The recipe for government to face the new wave of covid, the sixth already, swings on two axes: the turn of the mandatory outdoor mask since this Friday, December 24 - barely six months after its use was relaxed - and the acceleration of the vaccination. Additionally, the hiring of more staff will be facilitated to try to unload a saturated primary care and more will be made available to citizens. antigen test For self-diagnosis, military personnel will be reinforced. But there will be no general restrictions, applicable to the entire country, because the Executive considers that the moment today is different, that the epidemiological and hospital situation of December 2021 cannot be compared with that of a year ago or with the start of the pandemic. The Government makes rest in the autonomies, yes, the possibility of imposing limitations of capacity or closures of activities.

On these two pillars, masks and immunization (third dose and vaccination of children), Pedro Sanchez built his proposal to the communities in the XXV Conference of Presidents, convened urgently and held this Wednesday afternoon electronically and in the Senate and just two days after the Good night. A time when it rained reproaches due to inaction in the face of the unbridled increase in infections: Spain has exceeded for the second consecutive day the maximum number of infections in the pandemic by notifying 60,041 new cases. Sánchez proposed minimum measures and there were, therefore, no surprises. The socialist leader told them that he will reunite the Minister council this Thursday in an extraordinary and monographic way to approve a royal decree law with a new battery of measures, led by the use of the mask in the street, and committed to a periodic analysis with them, every ten days, of the evolution of the pandemic. "Science and prevention are the answers "with which the Executive believes that this sixth wave can be" circumvented, Sánchez defended later at a press conference in the upper house, at the end of a summit that lasted for three hours.

Several presidents, especially Pere Aragonès (Catalonia, ERC), Iñigo Urkullu (Euskadi, PNV) and Alberto Núñez Feijóo (PP), considered “insufficient”The new tools and asked to tighten the nuts more before the risk of greater stress on the health system. Other barons of the PP were also demanding, while those of the PSOE seconded the position of their leader. At the other extreme, and it wasn't surprising, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the Madrid president, who rejected outdoor masks and recourse to military trackers and entrusted herself to tests, vaccines and the “self care”. What was a general claim, common to the presidents of both signs, was the articulation of a third covid fund, a request to which the Government refuses because it considers that the 7,000 million already budgeted By 2022, although "there will be no problem" in increasing resources if necessary, Sánchez reassured.


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