April 10, 2021

Antonio Lozano dies, writer, expert in Africa and exiled Agüimes – La Provincia

Antonio Lozano dies, writer, expert in Africa and exiled Agüimes - La Provincia

The writer, professor, translator and interpreter and exconcejal died Sunday, at 62, after a long illness that in the last week determined his death. He was born in Tangier in 1956. However, his arrival in Agüimes as a teacher influenced his involvement and commitment to the town in the last three decades of his life. Antonio Lozano is Adopted Son of the municipality and was councilor of Culture between 1987 and 2003, with Roque Aguayro, being mayor Antonio Morales.

Antonio Lozano is very popular in Agüimes, as various personalities and professionals from different fields assured yesterday. He leaves a deep impression not only for his professional career as a teacher, but also for his hard work in favor of culture. As Councilor for Culture, he created and promoted, among other actions, the Festival del Sur-Encuentro Tres Continentes, of which director 22 editions,

Thanks to this initiative to bring the theater of three continents closer together, the audience of Agüimes, as well as the rest of the Island and foreigners could enjoy theater groups from Equatorial Guinea, griots of Burkina Faso or Senegalese dancers, making this meeting an unprecedented space for exchange between many shores.

Not content with this, he also launched the International Oral Narration Festival in the Villa, thus opening the door to storytellers from all corners of the world, of course from Africa and Latin America. In 2003 he left the Department and joined the Institute of Secondary Education (IES) Joaquín Artiles of the southwest town as a teacher of French

There is also his other side, that of writer, with a series of work and titles that show his great love for Africa, in addition to its literary wealth. In addition to translating into Spanish authors such as Amadou Hampaté Bâ, Moussa Konaté or Ken Bugul, Antonio Lozano was, above all, a renowned writer. His literary work opened with Harraga Y Where the rivers die, in which it deals with the complex phenomenon of migrations.

Then they came Prelude for a death, The Sankara case (International Novel Award Black City of Carmona), The ashes of Baghdad (Benito Pérez Armas Novel Award), The shadow of the Minotaur, My name is Suleiman, this last one also about a young Malian who travels to Spain, A long sleep in Tangier and finally, Nelson Mandela. The road to freedom, a commission from the Anaya publishing house published last year and written when the disease was showing its jaws.

My name is Suleiman (2017) was taken to the theater, with the script prepared by him, being teaching material for young people in the institutes. This play, directed by Mario Vega and performed, among others, by Marta Viera, was a great success, not only in the Canary Islands, but also in theaters of the Peninsula.

The damned he was also taken to the theater with the address

of Mario Vega, like the previous work. Lozano is known to the general public thanks to his novels dedicated to the black genre, being the winner of awards such as the Novelpol or the City of Carmona, being a finalist in other well-known events such as the Brigade 21.

Regarding the numerous reactions to the loss of Antonio Lozano, the writer Enrique Bethencourt said yesterday that it is a "sad day for Canarian culture and a commitment to solidarity with the peoples of the world." His work, his example, his dedication, his passion, his involvement with good politics. "

The president of Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, with whom he was councilor Antonio Lozano being Morales mayor of Agüimes, has expressed his condolences to the family.


The current councilor of Culture of Agüimes, Francisco González, regretted that "this hard end was expected, which is never desired, after entering the hospital last Monday."

"The month of December was harder for him because of infections, something was recovered in January, which was like a farewell to see him for the last time," added the councilor, who highlighted that Antonio Lozano "marked the culture of our town and He put a site for Agüimes on the world map, he had a great knowledge of the African continent as a great Africanist.

Germán López, Agüimense timplist, said that "the best we can learn from Antonio Lozano is his capacity to generate and his vitality". "I have had the privilege of knowing him, of enjoying his knowledge and company, in addition to the trips we made to Senegal, and of the activities we were able to do there thanks to him," he added.

Antonio Lozano González had three children: Carolina, from his first marriage; Carlos and Javier, of the second with Clara Herrera, who was also councilor for Urbanismo de Agüimes.

The vigil of Agüimes became small from seven o'clock on Sunday yesterday, as the mortal remains of professor and writer Antonio Lozano are already there. Numerous people from all walks of life, as well as friends and neighbors, took the opportunity to show their dismay and condolences to the family for their loss. It is expected that the incineration will start at 8:30 pm on Monday.


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