Antonio del Castillo, cautious, hopes to find remains Marta after reopening case

Marta del Castillo's father, Antonio del Castillo, has been pleased with the reopening of the investigation into the murder of Marta del Castillo, filed in 2013, and has stated that her family expects her daughter's remains to finally appear, although They are cautious.

Antonio del Castillo said that "sure" that Francisco Javier Delgado, who is now targeted by the family as a murderer, knows where the body is and that they do not know if it is the last chance or not, but that if his daughter is not located they will continue, since they have no other mission in life that is not "to find her".

The investigation resumes around new clues about a mortgage granted in an allegedly fraudulent way through documentary falsehood and that Marta's confessed killer, Miguel Carcaño, and her brother, Francisco Javier Delgado, were having trouble coping.

Antonio del Castillo, who has attended the media at the doors of his house, has stressed that the latest version of Miguel Carcaño is more credible than the previous ones, because "it is more logical."

Regarding the new tests, he highlighted that they have documentation in which it is proven that Miguel Carcaño did not work in the San José de la Rinconada bar where he said to do so, but that he was unemployed and falsified the data, and that they think it was a discussion about the mortgage in which Marta del Castillo tried to mediate what led to her murder.

In that sense, he has denied the version of Francisco Javier Delgado, who has recently stated that "it makes no sense" to kill Marta for a mortgage, and has stated that numerous discussions have resulted in a death "even by traffic."

Along these lines, he has stated that he considers it possible for Francisco Javier Delgado to kill his daughter for an economic dispute and has asked him to "do himself a favor" and stop lying, since "nobody believes it."

Regarding the police work, he has considered that the investigators must be allowed to work, has expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the homicide police group is in charge of the case and has encouraged not to make "the same mistakes" of previous investigations, in which many leaks occurred.


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