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Antonio de Lacy, the surgeon who brings the 5G to Barcelona

Antonio de Lacy, el cirujano que trae el 5G a Barcelona

He snuck into the operating rooms of the Clinic at the end of third career. Because of a mistake made by a friend who was trying to help her, she was told to put on pajamas to enter the operating room as an intern in general surgery instead of in trauma, where she wanted to start. "I'm also in Barcelona and not in Madrid because of an error. In Majorca there was no faculty of Medicine and in Correos they sent my application to the Clinical and Provincial Hospital that was not. I thought I would be a traumatologist in Madrid and I am a digestive surgeon in Barcelona. For a couple of mistakes. "

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The surgical techniques developed by Antonio de Lacy (about to turn 62) periodically occupy the pages of the media. To find the way to remove the gallbladder through the mouth or through the navel, to use the vagina to remove a gastric tumor, to find a safe, fast and with minimal wound to operate the most diverse parts enclosed between the head and legs using the natural holes. But the one with the greatest impact is, in his opinion, transanal surgery, which he named after a poor lion, Cecil, who was the victim of a US dentist's rifle. A technique that drastically reduces errors and liquidates the intervention in 1.5 hours instead of four.

"It's spectacular, anatomically it changes everything. We had always approached rectal cancer from the outside in and now we do it from the inside out and, also, with a double control from the outside. And you have to do it at the same time. Two teams, one for the abdomen, another for the rectum. When you see both you see the light. It's like an orchestra ", summarizes admired.

Operates a lot Last Monday, three obesities, a pancreatic cancer and a cancer of the esophagus. He has returned to the covers by the 5G. In his latest challenge, Lacy has succeeded in Mobile World Congress try next February 27 the 5G technology communicating the experimental operating room Optimus del Clínic with a hall of the Fira. It is about testing the accuracy of a communication loaded with data - thousands of images of each patient - that must arrive in less than half a second with all the guarantees. One of the main objectives is to be able to operate with the remote assistance of the most experts and thus approach the maximum experience anywhere.

It operates through the natural orifices the digestive tumors and trains specialists from all over the world

Lacy is Majorcan and relative of General Lacy and Gautier who was shot by liberal by order of Fernando VII in 1817 in the castle of Bellver. "Probably not true, but in the family it is said that he is the only general who has been shot sitting, because he asked for it, so that the bullets went through his head but not his heart that so loved Spain. It must be a lie, but it is the hero of the family and the inspirer of a slogan, never kneel. "

"I, recognize, that the first time I traveled to the United States I was ashamed to be Spanish. I had such a good time in California that I asked my parents to study there, but it was not possible, of course. As they say in Mallorca, we were a family a little gift but without din. But I decided not to be ashamed of being a Spaniard anymore. I decided that I was going to get completely. I liked the world where decisions are made. It's much more fun to decide. "

"Now, when an American comes, I walk him through the gloomy basements of the Clinic and then put him in the Optimus operating room. It remains of stone ".

Much of your world is inside the operating rooms. "I get lost in this hospital and sometime down the street. But in the operating room I have very good guidance. "

His world of tenacity, of decisions and of going head-on between those who decide to be turned upside down a few months ago with the death of Catherine Oliver, "my friend, my wife", a gynecologist in love with the sea to which they went to dismiss dozens of patients. "I was about to leave everything."

She has two children - a surgeon and an entrepreneur - and two bitches, one very smart and the other very friendly for whom she has a chat with Mallorcan students. "I need someone to travel with me when I go to Mallorca with the bitches; I do not want to put them in the plane's hold. So I propose it every time and in 15 seconds someone is ready ".

The two bitches paddle surf with him, "and lose less balance than me."

With Catalina they sailed and fished. "The boat looks like a snob, but the sea is a place where I feel very good. My father threw us into the water very small so that we could unfold without fear. And when I drink coffee at 7 in the morning in the middle of the sea I am the happiest in the world. "

"Do you know that once they kidnapped me? In Guatemala. Of course I paid, luckily I had a lot in cash. And I do not know why, I insulted them and I ran away. " Now he plans to go to London to the exhibition of a Navarrese sculptor who presents a work inspired by the eyes of Catalina.

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