May 14, 2021

Antonio David reappears publicly and remains silent



He disappeared from the map days ago since he left Madrid. Since then we did not know anything about Antonio David Flores and it is that as all of Spain knows he is going through his worst moment since Rocío Carrasco decided to break his silence and speak publicly on television about what his life has been all these years and the hell he lived in your relationship with him.

Today, we have obtained the first images of Antonio David Flores in Malaga, where he is being held in his home. When we saw him, we asked him how he is doing and he did not want to say anything, simply a ‘Good afternoon’ and a ‘Thank you very much’ to the reporter who was in the vicinity.

As we well know, this is a very difficult moment for the television collaborator who a few weeks ago lost his job at Telecinco and is also being questioned and judged by all the viewers who are listening to his ex-wife’s documentary.

The truth is that we see in Antonio David a physical deterioration due to the wave of criticism he is receiving, but above all because of the social judgment that is being carried out for this alleged abuse, which is not judicially proven, that he exercised against his ex-wife.


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