Antonio David Flores breaks his silence

Hurricane force Rocio Carrasco it is so strong that it does not seem that this storm will subside in the coming months. Rather, everything looks like what is going to happen will be the opposite.

The testimony of Rocío Jurado’s daughter shook the foundations of the heart press, the victory of Olga Moreno in Survivors 2021 It has reflected the division of a country that places itself on one side or the other, and the sudden dismissal of Antonio David Flores de Mediaset España has made Moreno’s current husband and father of Carrasco’s children maintain a silence that he has only broken on a few occasions.

Up to now.

The ex – Civil Guard has granted a exclusive interview to the Egos portal, from the newspaper The reason, in which he has been dispatched at ease against what was his television house, his co-workers and, in the conversation with the aforementioned medium, he has launched harsh and blunt warnings that augur a legal lawsuit that is going to give a lot to talk.

And it is that, because of the pearls that the father of Dew Flowers In the interview, Antonio David seems to go all out in his goal of defending his truth and the image of his family.

However, some statements by Carlos Sobera during the broadcast of the program Now, Olga, in which the winner of the reality Survival response to the accusations made by Carrasco, raised a great controversy over the possibility that the one who was a collaborator of Sálvame could give his version in any of the Telecinco spaces.

Faced with this possibility, Antonio David Flores has broken his silence in The reason and has responded to everything and everyone to leave no room for doubt.

“I’m not going to work for them anymore”

Antonio David Flores begins his interview by responding to the presenter of the special that his wife starred in, noting that “There is a labor lawsuit against them for the dismissal. I couldn’t even enter Mediaset last Friday to receive Olga on set. I will no longer work with La Fábrica de la Tele ”, Flores highlights in the aforementioned medium.

While waiting for the trial to be resumed, scheduled for the month of September, Antonio David wanted to settle once and for all the possibility that exists regarding the return of the collaborator to the Fuencarral facilities. “At the time I said that I would never work for them. Until the trials are over, I will continue to defend all the damage that has been done to me in court, ”he says bluntly.

“I am going to sue 80% of the collaborators”

In addition, as confirmed by the protagonist, his crusade with Mediaset Spain will not end here.

Antonio David Flores has ensured that, once the litigation that has to do with an alleged unfair dismissal is over, it will take legal action against the TV Factory and the production company’s collaborators for the damages that, it considers, have been caused during these months.

“When there is a ruling on this trial, that will not invalidate absolutely nothing of my intention with respect to suing each and every one of the collaborators, which are 80% ”, confirms who was a collaborator of Save me.


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