July 14, 2020

Antonio Costa trusts that Sanchez according to a "progressive government" that "deepens" Spain-Portugal relations

The Prime Minister of Portugal, the socialist Antonio Costa, has valued the "tenacity" of the acting president and leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, in his "complex task" of forming a "progressive government" that he has entrusted to materialize to "deepen "in the bilateral relations of both states.

Likewise, he has opted to build, "together with the PSOE partners", a "more supportive, free and fair" Europe, at a time when "extremisms measure" and "uncertain and even dangerous times are lived with growth" from the extreme right.

Costa has collected this Sunday in Bilbao the Ramón Rubial Prize for the defense of socialist values, which has been given by the general secretary of the PSE-EE, Idoia Mendia. In addition to the Portuguese Prime Minister, the Ramón Rubial Foundation has also presented its annual awards, its 13th edition, to Gorabide, Maribel Salas, Aernova, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Real Sociedad Femenino, Cadena Ser Euskadi, José Antonio Nielfa 'La Otxoa', and Nicolás Redondo Urbieta.

After collecting the award and thanking the Foundation for the recognition and "enormous responsibility" that the award represents, Antonio Costa recalled the figure of Ramón Rubial, the "defender of the republic, the resistant to dictatorship and the builder of democracy" .

He has also dedicated the award to Felipe González and Mario Suárez, "two great figures of socialism in the Iberian Peninsula", "for all that we owe them and for the reconstruction of socialism released after decades of dictatorships."

In this context, he has warned that "his example of struggle" must be an "inspiration" today, when "uncertain and even dangerous times are lived with the growth of the extreme right." "Democracy runs serious risks of erosion even in countries with a long democratic tradition," he warned.

As he has detailed, "fears and uncertainties" represent "fertile ground in which extremisms mediate", so the socialists must "fight those who exploit fears for their own benefit to come to power." "Our duty is to strengthen confidence in the future to take away fear," he added.

In this context, he stressed that the great challenges that society must face – "the climate crisis, terrorism, digital transition or migration" – cannot be solved by a single country, "however great, but that must be done globally. "

"We have to redouble our efforts in public health, housing, education, science, the right to decent work and decent wages, gender equality and the defense of security …", he has listed, to add that only then "will fear be defeated."


In this context, the Portuguese prime minister has also highlighted the "perseverance and tenacity" of the acting government president and leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, and has warned that "the mission ahead is complex." "I would like to give you testimony of my fellowship here for your effort to form a new progressive government in Spain," he added.

In his opinion, institutional stability is "fundamental for the deepening" of the bilateral relations of both states, on fundamental issues such as "cross-border cooperation, essential in the face of the demographic challenge, aging, the management of common resources such as rivers, renewable energy, education, the digital agenda or internal and external security. "

"We do not have such intense relations with any other country and that is why we hope that Spain may soon have a functioning government with us," he said, after stressing that "optimism" must be "essential characteristic of any good socialist." "Without optimism, hope is not built and without hope the future is not built … the socialists must be builders of hope," he said.

Costa has also paraphrased the former president of the French Republic François Mitterrand to point out that socialism "remains the youngest idea in the world" and means "to be on the side of those who need it most".

After remembering that both Spain and Portugal suffered decades of dictatorship, the Portuguese prime minister has stressed that "there is no freedom without culture" and has opted for "citizens with free, open and tolerant minds" against "civic, cultural and cultural regression economic. "


"In Portugal in recent years we demonstrated that it was possible to turn the austerity page; the margin was narrow but we changed the policy and at the same time we maintained compliance with the budgetary rules of the European Union," he said, while underlining the "economic growth" achieved and the decline in unemployment.

In his opinion, the "essential" aspect that allowed all this was "the dialogue we had with other left-wing forces" in front of a very pragmatic right that is able to unite to come to power. " "The great wealth of democracy is to see an alternative … there is an alternative and our mission is to look for it," he added.

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