May 14, 2021

Antonio Canales, first contestant of ‘Survivientes’ that Telecinco makes official

Antonio Canales, first contestant of 'Survivors 2021'

Antonio Canales, first contestant of ‘Survivors 2021’

Antonio Canales becomes the first official contestant of the new edition of ‘Survivors. The veteran dancer, who had been missing from the media for years, reappears to join the Telecinco reality show, that will begin, predictably, the first or second week of April.

Sevillian and born in 1961, Canales comes from a family of artists and knows what it means to know success “but he has also gone through truly complicated moments, related to drugs and betrayal“, explains the chain on its website, where they highlight that the flamenco dancer won numerous awards between the 80s and the 90s. In 1992 he created his own company and three years later he received the National Dance Award.

Regarding his career in television, Canales was a professor atTriumph operationand member of the jury of Look who is dancingand a controversial appearance is still remembered in the pink program of Antena 3Where are you Love, where he was expelled from the set by Jaime Cantizano.

With his participation in ‘Survivors’, Canales will take the big leap after having reappeared in recent months because I had been working with Rafael Amargo when the choreographer was arrested.


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