April 22, 2021

Antonio Banderas: "As soon as Lluís Pasqual left the Lliure I threw myself for him" | Culture

Antonio Banderas: "As soon as Lluís Pasqual left the Lliure I threw myself for him" | Culture

"Selfishly, I have benefited from the trauma that Lluís Pasqual suffered when resigning from the Teatre Lliure. I saw it in terms of opportunity. " That's how clear it has been shown the actor Antonio Banderas that together with the Catalan playwright have presented this morning in Madrid the lines of what will be the Soho Caixa Bank Theater, which will be inaugurated next autumn in the city of Malaga. "Lluís is a person admired and respected by the entire theater community internationally. He has earned it after many years of love and sacrifice for the theater. With Pasqual at the head of a project in which I am playing everything, a project in which I live, this theater acquires a special dimension, "said Banderas, determined to give Pasqual all possible tools to carry forward this adventure

For the former director of the Teatre Lliure, the opportunity presented to him is magnificent. "The first thing I want to do is establish contact with the city, because the theater is the result of trying to guess the public's wishes before the public knows it. My dream is to accompany a friend like Antonio in his dream. I would like the Soho Theater to be as it was at the time, the Lliure, in Barcelona, ​​or the María Guerrero, in Madrid, places of reference to which it was necessary to go, "said Pasqual.

Soho Caixa Bank is a totally private management theater that will have a room of almost 1,000 seats, and a smaller one that will house the Higher School of Performing Arts of Malaga (ESAEM), which currently has 60 students. The programming, still in its infancy, will be inaugurated with the musical work A Chorus Line.

The theater of Soho Caixa Bank, entity that has become the official sponsor of this initiative, takes the place of the old Alameda theater, in the central street of Córdoba. In renovation works since last July, with a budget of 2.3 million euros, the new space will have two rooms, one of them with capacity for about 1000 spectators, as well as spaces for rehearsals.

The effort of Banderas to provide the city of Malaga with a theater of reference comes long. His efforts to take over the Astoria cinema ended in a resounding setback when the actor abandoned his project due to harsh criticism from the municipal opposition in the city, which spoke of a supposed favor in favor of the Banderas plan, following the mayor's assertion of the Partido Popular, Francisco de la Torre, announcing that in the specifications the projection capacity of the person ultimately elected would be assessed. After the negative comments by the opposition parties, and the proposal of Izquierda Unida, supported by Podemos, to cancel the contest of ideas that already had the project of Antonio Banderas, the actor announced that he abandoned the initiative hurt by "the insults, disqualifications and humiliating treatment "received.


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