May 31, 2020

Antoni Monguilod, Parkinson's patient who claimed a dignified death dies | Society

Antoni Monguilod, the neighbor of Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona) Parkinson's patient who had claimed the right to a dignified death, He died on Wednesday, as reported by his relatives.

Antoni Monguilod was diagnosed Parkinson Twelve years ago and had launched a campaign to demand from politicians the legalization of euthanasia to stop "suffering" and to die "with dignity."

Accompanied by his wife, who attended to him 24 hours a day and helped him to communicate, Monguilod, 74, had explained last July that both his wife and his four children understood him but never wanted to compromise or cause them problems.

Monguilod worked all his life as an electrician, edited the magazine Som-hi, a local publication of Malgrat de Mar, and was also involved in the City Council and in the meetings of their children's schools.

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