Antonelli, on the trans law: "This is not ideology, but power war"

Antonelli, on the trans law: "This is not ideology, but power war"

Carla Antonelli from Tenerife. / efe

The first trans parliamentarian in Spain, has left the PSOE as a protest against the delays in the processing of the trans law

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The Tenerife
Carla Antonelliin her day the first trans parliamentarian in Spain, left the PSOE on Tuesday in protest at the delays in processing the trans law, which has reopened cracks within the PSOE and in the coalition government
. “This has never been a question of ideology(but) a war of power«, he affirms.

The scope of
controversial lawwhich supports the change of sex in the registry without medical reports or treatment, as well as gender self-determination, divides the feminist movement and a part of the PSOE, which warns that this rule "can destroy the powerful equality legislation" that exists in Spain, as the former Vice President of the Government and also former head of Equality, Carmen Calvo, recently warned.

The PSOE maintains that the delay is not such - the deadline for submitting amendments
has been extended until October 26 with the support of socialists and popular- and has attributed to "false rumors that do not have the slightest foundation" that there is a lack of commitment in the party with this text.

In an interview with EFE, Carla Antonelli, former deputy of the Madrid Assembly, affirms that, in the last 15 days,
the PSOE has taken "a turn" in its attitudeto which is added the "metamorphosis" of some of its members in recent years, going from "celebrating"
the first steps ofthe trans law to call it an "aberration".

In this sense, Antonelli has stressed that the current head of the Equality portfolio, Irene Montero, "copied and pasted" the original text of the PSOE, prepared in 2017 and that in fact it was
“much more avant-garde than the current one”because for example "it considered minors of all age groups" and included non-binary people.

“This has never been a question of ideology, (but) a proxy war.
From whom against whom? It's obvious: the Ministry of Equality was no longer worn by those who wore it before, so it is like a feeling that a flag is being stolen from me. But the fact that you fight for a flag does not mean that you use a group of thousands of people as a scapegoat“Declared Antonelli.

In the eyes of Antonelli, the latest decisions of the PSOE endanger the parliamentary path of the new norm:
«The idea is to extend the term of amendments until after the General State Budgets. That means and implies that we are going to 2023. January is not working, and in February and March we are immersed in regional and municipal elections, which is the perfect excuse to put another but«.

“I felt unprotected”

Antonelli says she has felt "unprotected" by her game so far for some time now.
«They have insulted me and harassed me in networksand no action has been taken“, he protests.

«A lady who is a member of the Council of State,
Amelia Valcarcel, He called me 'Mr. 60', and the decisions that had to be made were not made«, Antonelli mentions, while complaining that the public representatives of the party »did not come out to say a single word«.

Antonelli locates the beginning of his disenchantment with the party "two and a half years ago", when the PSOE disclosed a
"embarrassing argument" against "theories that deny the reality of women", which was labeled a "transphobic pamphlet" by numerous groups.

Then he decided to "stand up to the end", in a context in which, he says, the ban has been "opened" to transphobia and "aggressions have increased".

Antonelli requests the dismissal of the PSOE for slowing down the 'trans law'

“What the group of trans people has experienced in this country will be remembered: how they looked the other way, how hatred towards a group of people became naturalized. If right now that hatred were against blacks or gypsies, we would be tearing our clothes, "adds the former deputy.

Antonelli says that the damage suffered by the group in recent years has been "immeasurable", and points out that "here, the one who has the last word is once again the President of the Government", whom he reminds that he is the one who can "go back to put this whole thing in order."

His future, in activism

After a "painful, hard" decision that
leaves "a huge void"Antonelli now intends to continue working for the approval of the trans law from activism.

Asked if he would listen to the call of another political force, Antonelli maintains that "it is not in his plans", although he adds:
I will support to all those people who are working and are promoting so that (the law) becomes true«.

And regarding a possible return to the PSOE in the future, it is early to speak.
«I only think about today; It has been quite hard for me", he concludes.