March 8, 2021

Antonella Sudasassi premieres "The awakening of ants"

The land falls asleep in a small town in Costa Rica where summer and sweat progressively colonize the corners of Isabel's desire and intimacy. Born and raised to be a good mother, a good daughter, a good wife, a good daughter-in-law and a better woman, the barely thirty-year-old girl hides uncontrollable desire to change aspects of her life that got stuck in her hair a time too arbitrary and an excessively patriarchal society to want to stay. Within such an encouraging context, the protagonist of Antonella Sudasassi's first opera, "The awakening of the ants", wanders a whole proclamation against the archaic family structures that constitutes, in the words of the Costa Rican, "a story that does not intend to become in a huge movie with great script twists. This is a tape seen from reality, from everyday life, from what happens at home every day ».

The director is not mistaken when she points to everyday life as a star element of the story. And, thanks to the help of the silences and buried pleasures with which Isabel is drawing the structure of her life, we see how the care of the house, its economic independence (supported by tweezers in small sewing arrangements), the concern Because of the upbringing of her two daughters, the sexual frustration she experiences with her husband and the social imposition to have another child, they become the daily bread of someone who is crying out for salvation. «It is absolutely necessary and urgent for women to talk about sex in the movies. It is essential to see female sexuality reflected on the big screen because for centuries we have dedicated ourselves to seeing the male. Our conception of masturbation for example remains taboo, while in the case of men, it is something completely natural», Says Sudasassi firmly about an issue explicitly reflected on the tape.

The need for women to decide to self-explore without doubts or prejudices about their body underlies throughout history to convert the noise of the insects that drills the afternoons, the shower water flooding the palms of the hands and the impertinent heat in a delicate "claim of beauty."

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