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Antoine Griezmann, his destiny was to play in Barcelona

Where I said, I say Diego. Or said in the words of Antoine Griezmann: where last year I said "I stay"Now I say"I'm going" The fichaje of the world champion for Barcelona
has had more comings and goings, more distancing and approaches, more anger and forgiveness than Ross and Rachel in Friends. One year and 29 days after his pumpkins of 2018, the French striker is a Barça footballer.

The negotiations are not retransmitted. That is a mantra of the sports dome of Barcelona for years to not increase the cost of operations and not to disturb the clubs to which the players belong. In the case of Griezmann that directive leaped through the air From the first moment. Contacts with the Atlético forward have been the order of the day and on the covers from the beginning.

Recorded on June 3

On June 14, 2018, the striker announces that he stays at Atlético in a documentary produced by the producer of Gerard Piqué

After the departure of Neymar, he soon realized the technical secretariat that the Blaugrana team needed more goal. Dembélé, who spent most of his first year injured, did not come close to the Brazilian's records. Barça needed a contrasting striker. And Robert Fernandez was the first to move file and contact the French environment, aware that on July 1, 2018 its price fell from 200 million to 100.

Antoine Griezmann, with the Atlético shirt

Antoine Griezmann, with the Atlético shirt
(Rodrigo Jimenez / EFE)

Griezmann He had been at Atlético for four years and had won only one Super Cup in Spain. So he saw with good eyes the possibility of moving to the Camp Nou next to Messi and Luis Suarez. It did not take long to uncover the agreement. Even Luis Suarez opened the door for him. "It does not come to take the position to anybody", clarified the Uruguayan. Atlético mounted in anger. "We are fed up with the attitude of Barcelona," said Atlético CEO Miguel Ángel Gil Marín. "That a president, a player and a manager of the same club talk about the way they do the future of a player with a contract in force and a few days of playing a final of European competition seems to me an absolute lack of respect for the Atlético de Madrid and all its fans, "said the leader.

6 of April

Camp Nou whistles to the French in his first visit after giving pumpkins to Barça, which sentences the League

It happened that the colchoneros won the Europa League, with two goals from 7, and that Godín, his best friend in the dressing room, and Simeone paid him a visit home. "Let's talk a little while," Cholo said. Griezmann had doubts. Atlético raised the chip to 23 million and they signed Lemar, his compatriot, and Rodri. An exciting project for the Champions League final in the Metropolitan Wanda that made his word falter given to Barça.

may 14

The player tells Atlético that he will not continue and publishes it in a video on the networks

For more inri, Griezmann, lover of the NBA like Gerard Piqué, agreed to record a program in which he would proclaim his destiny in the style of LeBron James. They even gave him the same name: The decision. Griezmann recorded the final on June 3, 2018, before the World Cup began but the docureality it was not broadcast until the 14th, just the day when the World Cup of Russia was inaugurated.

"Here if you win you will go into the story. There, at Barça, you will be one more, "says Erika, his wife, during the program. Griezmann stays. In addition, he wins the World Cup. And the European Supercup. But in the Champions it is again by the way. Atlético wasted a 2-0 first leg victory in Turin. The hat-trick of Cristiano returns him to the earth.

July 4th

There has been a single meeting. The general director of Barcelona proposes to Atletico a payment in installments. The mattress club refuses

"Since March we know that Griezmann will play in Barcelona", Declares Gil Marín. The date coincides with the elimination of the Champions. The Camp Nou, still oblivious to the footballer being tied again, he whistles on April 6 on his first visit from his "no" to Barça. But Valverde's team crashes in Liverpool and Bartomeu does not reconsider the incorporation that divides the fans.

Antoine Griezmann, in a montage with the shirt of Barcelona

Antoine Griezmann, in a montage with the shirt of Barcelona

At the same time, on May 14, the player tells Atlético that he will not continue and records a video in which he assures that he needs new challenges. It influences that Godín, Juanfran, Filipe Luis, Lucas and Rodri also leave the ship. Of course, Barça is waiting until July 1 for the clause to go down again. To 120 million, 20 more than in 2018.

July 7th

Griezmann stands and does not show up at the beginning of the preseason stage of the Simeone

Given the lack of liquidity, the Blaugrana general director meets on July 4 with Gil Marin to ask to pay in installments. What outrages Atletico, who deplores the attitude of Barcelona and summons Griezmann to join the preseason rojiblanca, despite the fact that they have already presented João Félix with the number 7.

In an outcome with suspense, Barcelona has taken 12 days to collect the money and the secret becomes the news. Griezmann is from Barça.

End of suspense

The club has taken 12 days to collect the 120 million of its termination clause

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